Introducing ThinkCoin & the TradeConnect networkJoin the Revolution.

Have you been bored of being charge excessive/exorbitant commission from the broker? ThinkCoin & the TradeConnect system will be here for you.

As most of us understand that the worldwide financing market as it were dominated by banks, even the simple fact that they lack transparency and also impose some unjust charges on their customer is not debatable. Nevertheless, the good thing is that with the debut of ThinkCoin and also Trade Connect network, such misfortune will be left ineffective and also a better and more rewarding system for trading with no intermediary is preferred.

This will probably be done via their country of the art multi-asset system which will enable traders to trade foreign exchange, shares, commodities, precious metals and an extremely wide assortment of financial product such as dollar, Bit coin, apple, ether, all on the block chain technology
Trade Connect network is powered by ThinkCoin with simple but efficient security and user-friendly interface.

It is no news that online brokers have revolutionized trading by connecting retail traders with the markets. However, this is only possible or done via a network of intermediaries, all of which take their own share of the whole transaction. With the introduction of trading on the BlockChain, this previous model can now be disrupted and rendered obsolete thereby increasing the profitability of the traders.

Let’s look at some of the problems that ThinkCoin & the TradeConnect network is set to solve.
(a)EXCESSIVE CHARGES: Previously, there are excessive charges on trading because of so many intermediaries involved in trading, but with the introduction of ThinkCoin & the TradeConnect network, intermediaries are completely eliminated. Hence, TradeConnect will connect traders to a worldwide digital trading pit, and the only commission you will have to pay is a connection fee, in addition to this, traders receive rewards in return for adding liquidity in the system.
(b)UNJUST INFLUENCE: The undue influence exacted by traditional broker models on both price-making and trade execution are now being removed.
(c) OUTDATED TECHNOLOGY: conventional trading is known for models that are as old as decades this results in nothing but an absence of flexibility. But with the introduction of ThinkCoin & the TradeConnect network, flexible and state-of-the-art model are introduced frequently via cutting-edge artificial intelligence.
(d) With Trade connect and ThinCoin, there is no need to transfer money to the broker address, hence no fund transfer risk. Individuals and institutions are permitted to exchange straightforwardly with each other, taking out intermediaries and leading to a balance paying field.

TradeConnect MVP APP
As part of our development progress, we have developed the demonstration version of the TradeConnect app.Check it out on PlayStore

Our Digital trading token (ThinkCoin) is the official token that supports the TradeConnect network.

You can buy the ThinkCoin tokens (TCO) at a very reduced price if you make your purchase during the Pre-ICO and ICO phase. Nevertheless, as soon as the ICO is finished, you can still acquire ThinkCoin by exchanging fiat currency and other cryptocurrencies via select exchanges.
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The Team
The team comprises of 34 dedicated staff with 6 offices worldwide.

For more information, do not hesitate to connect with the company via the official likn listed below:


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