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Our initial goal is to develop a mining group with hundreds of the most valuable PoWs. We started collecting information, reviewing open source solutions and talking to operators and investors in the mining industry. We have also considered trading on electronic currency exchanges and building our rigs.
This process gave us a deeper understanding of the market and, in particular, allowed us to see exactly what needs to be improved in the mining sector. A suite of software will solve all the problems we encounter simply do not exist. And so knowing that the best products are born is necessary, we decided to build exactly what is needed.
Reported problems
There are many challenges for miners who want to join mining groups:
Lack of transparency
Operators cannot track their income from block rewards for their wallets. This is essential because most miners now invest heavily in hardware and therefore need to know exactly how much they have to pay for pool pool services. Operators need to make sure that the displayed amount is real and they are not cheated.
Difficult to know what to exploit
There are a number of resources such as and to determine which currencies are most profitable depending on the type of hardware, but they do not have personalized reports for specific hardware settings. of miners, so it is difficult to analyze the profitability of exploiting a particular electronic currency. Also, every time miners change their hardware settings, they have to go through a time-consuming analysis. Operators can be more profitable by delegating these processes to a computer program and switching to the most profitable currency almost in real time.
Difficult to monitor the status of the hardware
It is essential to monitor information such as GPU / CPU temperature and fan speed to extend the operation life of expensive hardware. It is best to display this data by chart and let the mining tools set up exactly what they want to see. Software operators need software to automatically notify them when making necessary adjustments to their hardware.
There are currently no software packages on the market that address all of these issues at the same time.
Large mining companies develop such software for themselves and do not share it with third parties for obvious reasons. Small exploitation activities meanwhile do not have the financial or technical means to adjust the software in the home.
The Whalesburg solution provides security, exceptional user experience and – for enterprise-level tools – instant scalability. The difference between Whaleburg and other famous players in space like NiceHash, ethOS and Mining Pool Hub is the first time Whaleburg offers all in one.
In the diagram below, each leaf represents a component of what is needed for today’s miners to compete:

The following is a detailed explanation of the solution provided by Whalesburg for each of the five essential components:
Whalesburg Smart Mining Pool
We provide you with the following software packages that integrate the following key features:
Just your email address and wallet is needed.
You can track income with the help of the blockchain scanning tool displaying all transactions from Coinbase including conversion rates and amounts. This allows you to make sure that there is no fraud in the system.
Smart switch
Our agents collect information about your hardware and calculate the most beneficial option to exploit in real time. In this way, you no longer need to monitor the price, difficulty or efficiency of exploitation for each currency you care about.
More money
As a multi-purpose team, you will be able to exploit an amazing amount of money; Some of you may not have time to study, others may not even hear of it. Our software provides you a quick and easy way to switch between different currencies.
Prizes in proportion
Whalesburg Mining Group provides Pay Per Last N Shares (PPLNS), a reward configuration proportional to the shared transaction fee. Validation depends on the blockchain of electronic money that you exploit. Pool takes a fee of 0.45% – 3% for each confirmed block. The more WBT tokens you stack, the cheaper the fee. (Please refer to Wikipedia hierarchy below.)
Let use EX exploits as an example:
The reward for the EXP pool is transferred to Whalesburg ERC20 address. Then, our script (Splitter) divides the proceeds into three virtual parts:
• First reserved for conversion (eg to ETH),
• The second is for direct payments of EXP to miners for ERC20,
• The third is for pool fees.
The first part is calculated based on the group shares of the operators who want income in ETH. The Splitter script will divide those shares into smaller pieces. The number of pieces equal to the number of exchanges will participate in the conversion process. The exploit tool has the option to select a preferred exchange in their control panel, otherwise the default exchange is used. The size of each part depends on the percentage of operators who have chosen each exchange as their preference. These sections will be converted into ETH at the exchange rates of these exchanges, using the exchange API (this step involves a commission made by exchange and a fee, minus the EXP profit of miner). Finally, Whalesburg will distribute ETH to miner’s wallet.
The second part goes much faster. The first step is to divide the amount of EXP proportional to the number of shares the group owns. After that, Whalesburg rewarded miners directly into their wallets.
Each step can be monitored and will be displayed in the control panel and recorded in blockchain EXP, where you will have access at any time.
Pool fee will be transferred automatically and kept in Whalesburg wallet.










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