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As wide adoption of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies are going viral in the world, it is wise for one to hop on, on the train of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and ride along. However, this is not just something to hop on without having an in-depth knowledge of it. When something is in rage, the best option is to understand it before join. Therefore, it is wise to ask the below questions; what exactly is this exceptional Cryptocurrency platform called BARTCOIN all about? How does it work? What do I stand to benefit from the platform? What differentiates it from others? With this article, all these questions and more about YouSeeMe Platform will be answered keep reading.

What is Bartcoin?

Youseeme is a mobile application and a pioneer tokenised marketplace platform in the reciprocal trade industry and sharing economy. It provides reach to a vast new market and distribution channels for products, services, excess capacity, media and accommodations, amongst others.

The Youseeme Exchange enables businesses and entrepreneurs to pay and receive BARTCOINS (proprietary virtual currency), thus increasing sales to new customers locally and globally.

The BARTCOIN economy is built on a network of merchants and consumers forming a community. YouSeeMe provide buyers and sellers with a stable and fast settlement currency to transact day-to-day business affairs at very low fees. The BARTCOIN economy also provides access to the digital currency markets through selected investments on the Blockchain network.

Bartcoin Platform Vision

The Platform offer is leveraged on the following recent breakthrough regulatory changes:

1.    The DSP2 regulation in the banking sector, which enables start-ups to launch new electronic payment and account management tools

2.    Cryptocurrencies wallets now offer asset and commodities trading.

3.    Regulations to control transactions are now being implemented by regulators worldwide. Those might get included in the Electronic Money Licensing needed for the DSP2 regulation,

4.    The fact that Blockchain technology and tokenisation are not limited to the financial sector. Blockchain has opened a whole new word for creative business minds to explore.

Benefits of members of Bartcoin ecosystem

The Octave-UCME project addresses and resolves several of these issues:

i, No investment is necessary to take advantage of the system.

ii, Affordable flat monthly membership fee paid with Bartcoins.

iii, Worldwide loyalty program available to all users.

iv, The E-shop is linked to the merchants’ ERP software or Point of Sales software.

v, Highly scalable in terms of marketing and communications.

vi, Customer relationships software is integrated in the solution.

vii, Opens the doors to SMEs and gives them access to a challenging new market.

Components of E-wallet and trading Platform of Bartcoin

Cryptocurrencies and fiat currency wallets and trading.

Exchange from FIAT into crypto coins and back.

No intermediary banks.

Minimal transfer fee

No installation fees.

Traders can accept payments in any currency and receive them in their local currency.

Advantages of uses of Bartcoins

Users earn Bartcoins as a redeem, the equivalent 2 to 4% of the total amount paid2 every time they purchase from any partner shop or business,

When goods are purchased from a partner, the Bartcoin reward is paid.

Partner-traders will offer to the Bartcoin community special deals that can be paid only with Bartcoins, therefore buyers can accumulate more of them.

A wide array of products and services is available for purchase with Bartcoins in the online marketplace.

Traders create the Bartcoin community.

Traders are part of the Bartcoin strategy because they create their own loyalty programs.

Traders control the relationship with their users, thanks to the CRM at their disposal to manage their customers’ base and send regular updates and deals.

YouSeeMe Token specification, ICO and Sundries

On the ICO process, the Octave UCME Bartwallet will issue and distribute the BARTCOIN tokens.

Uses of Fund

The funds generated during the ICO will be channeled into the following to ensure that YouSeeMe platform outclass it counterparts.  

Road Map of YouSeeMe Blockchain Based Platform

Octave-UCME came to existence in 2016. Its main technical development has be completed at a cost of over 600 000 €. The ICO motive is to cover marketing and communication costs to launch the first applications in Europe and USA, and to hire more employees and engineers for future developments.

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