Introduction to Orbis Blockchain Transfer, payment and Investment Platform

As wider spread acceptance of Blockchain technology and CryptoCurrencies are now taking over the world, it is wise for one to hop on, on the train of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and ride along. However, this is not just something to hop on without having an in-depth knowledge of what it is and how it works. When something is in rage, the best option is to understand it befor join. Therefore is wisee to ask the following questions:: What exactly is this Blockchain technology driven Cryptocurrency platform called Orbis all about? How does it work? How will i profit from it? With this article, all these questions and more will be answered; keep reading.

This is orbis transfer, payment and Investment platform:
Orbis is a fintect company that provides innovative transfer, payment and investment services using cryptocurrency tokens and blockchain technology. The technology of Orbis is made up of computer software and mobile phones; these technologies give the users an avenue to make money on transfers, investments and payments using Orbis self-service machines, as well as personal smartphones and computers with internet access.

Orbis Platform Vision
The Orbis vision to provide financial access to millions of unbanked people in Latin America, Asia and Africa by 2020 with the partnership of a third party (bank) which can provide self-service accessible banking solutions.

Benefits Derived on Orbis transfer, payment and investment Platform:
Fast Transfer
Low Transaction fees
Transparence and Accountability
Highly Secured
Users are empowered
Durability, Reliable and Longevity
Price stability

Fast Transaction
Interbank transactions can potentially take days for clearing and final settlement, especially outside working hours while transactions on Orbis Platform take seconds to be accomplished.

Low Transaction Fees
By eliminating third party intermediaries and overhead cost for exchanging assets, Orbis greatly reduce transaction fees.

Decentralization System
Decentralized is the core feature of Orbis platform, transaction confirmation depends on peer-to-peer authorization. There is no middle man or third party in cost of transaction. No delay; in a split seconds the transaction is done.

Transparence and Accountability
All transactions are transparent and are accounted for. Security is not left out because it a hitches e-business.

Highly Secure
All transactions of on Orbis platform are cryptographically secured and provide integrity.

Users are Empowered
Users are in control of all their transactions and there is no middle man or third party. It is pure epitome decentralized system.

Durability, Reliable and Longevity
Due to the decentralized nature of Orbis platform, Activities on it are durable, reliable and dependable. There is high level security on the platform.

Price stability
There is price of Orbis will be stability in the market because all modalities have been put in place to work it out. Therefore, it will be reliable, dependable and the price will keep appreciating.

Orbis Strategic Target market Mission
Orbis mission is to provide financial access to millions unbanked people in Latin America, Asia and Africa by 2020 with the partnership of a third party (bank) which can provide self-service accessible banking solutions.

The Orbis project will offer the chance to previously unbanked people to own a debit card, a smartphone with the Orbis Payment Mobile app, barcode and QR codes checks, through the philanthropic project financed by the companies’ profits.

The banks and the current payment transfer methods being conducted by individuals has shown many human errors that can be irritating and time consuming for clients.

The amount which a person can transfer will be limitless done in a quick one way or two way direction, preventing fraud and scams.

Orbis has designed a safe system that will be established in Orbis Branches around the world with Self-service cash machines, and virtual reality chat robots that can overtake time and human error problems.

Orbis Exchange
Orbis exchange is decentralized platform that will be used to purchase and sell Orbiscoins and exchange them to all fiat money currencies. The platform is a peer-to-peer system, all transactions will be done almost instantly to any bank account or Orbis Wallet.

Orbis Coins
Normally cryptocurrency platforms own one unstable price coin, but Orbis company have two tokens: ORBIS Coin (ORBS) and ORBISInvest coin (ORBSi).

ORBIS debit card
Traditional financial institutions issue cards to its customers to make they have access to their fiat money. Orbis Company will likewise issue an IBAN debit card to her customers to grant them easy access to and their funds. The debiit card can be used at ATM and limitless cash withdrawing at the Orbis Branches.
Customers on the other hand can be able to integrate their own debit/credit card into Orbis platform to make deposit and withdrawal transactions to their own or other bank account

Orbis Token Information, ICO information and Allocation

1st of November 2018 to 8th of November 2018
Coins sold to date
5486715.75 ORBIS
15th of December 2018 to 15th of April
Coin exchange rate
1 ORBIS = 0.5 EUR
Accepted currencies
STO Softcap
5 000 000 euro
STO Hardcap
40 000 000 eur

Orbis Platform Road Map

Orbis Platform Managerial Team

For more information Orbis Platform, visit the following links:
Ann Thread:
White Paper:
Bitcointalk URL:;u=2200061


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