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About the Investment Platform

Social copy-trading through API for experienced and day-to-day traders
Invest Platform is a system created for both experienced traders, amateurs or just people who have no knowledge and time, and want to make money with the best traders in the crypto currency exchange. Because of our platform, each user increases the chances of doubling their capital. The broad social system allows you to follow experienced investors and invest in the same currency pairs at the same time.

Our story

  • Most new investors sooner or later will lose most of the capital with no experience, patience and good knowledge.
  • After the first failure, the merchants began to seek help from others. They select groups in Telegram, Facebook or Twitter but unfortunately 99% of the group’s owners provide fake information and analysis that does not reflect the current market situation. Admins in such groups do not boast about their wages because in reality they do not make any money at all.
  • Despite the expensive signals from paid groups, investors still lose more than they earn.

Let’s start with the fact …
… that we have invested in cryptocurrency since 2014. We remember our start when we first started trading cryptocurrency and especially how much money we lost when we were still learning how to trade. We believe many new investors entering the market are aware of this and are faced with a similar problem we experienced when we first started.


Why do novice traders lose money?
  • They have no time to research their investments properly.
  • They do not have sufficient knowledge about technical analysis.
  • They do not have enough experience with cryptocurrency exchange.
  • They do not have the right psychological mindset.
  • They have no patience
Advantages of Platform


Invest a different Platform
  • Competitive systems are expensive and costly. The Invest Platform does not charge any platform usage or any profit that our users may make.
  • Many other trading-copy systems require users to save money into the wallets of these companies. 
  • This puts your funds at risk and beyond your control. However, our platform, thanks to connections by exchange through the API, there is no need for users to send their funds to our platform.
  • Our system is completely unreliable and allows users to save their funds in exchange. Therefore, anyone who uses our platform will always be in full control of their funds,
  • Our platform is aimed at experienced traders and new people who, despite their efforts, lose their money in the crypto market or want to increase profits.
Everyone wins on our platform
  • Generate by investing in the same position with experienced investors.
  • Get valuable knowledge from experienced investors.
  • Can discuss and ask questions directly to experienced investors in the chat.
  • Share knowledge with subscribed users.
  • Do not pay any commissions!
  • Grow their income, status, and follow-through through our ranking system.
Sales distribution
Our plan for years to come
  • Conceptual Creation of the Investment Platform
  • Market research and analysis
  • Strategic development of the business plan
  • Invest platform Proof of concept
Q1 – 2018
  • Publish white-paper Invest Platform
  • Custom website creation
  • Team expansion and strategic recruitment
  • Finalization of business plan
  • Introduction of Investing Platforms to potential merchants
  • Starting from the first marketing campaign
  • Building a community of Investment Platforms
  • Presentation of the project to the initial investor
  • Launch a second marketing campaign
  • Presentation of the project to all potential users
  • Implementation of smart contract
  • Go to registration to Invest Platform
  • Create a merchant database
  • Pre-sale tokens
  • Launch a third marketing campaign
  • Product release and testing v0.5
  • Completion of the Investment Platform demo
  • General sales
  • Distribution Token and unlock
  • Cantuman Exchange token INV
  • Mobile app development
Q4 – 2018
  • Launch the fourth marketing campaign
  • Added more functionality to the platform. (for example, Trading alerts)
  • Invest product release Platform v1.0
Q1 – 2019 and so on
  • Launch of the mobile app
  • Furthermore, upgrade platforms tailored to our users’ specific needs and preferences
  • Further pursue strategic partnerships with merchants and exchange
  • Continue to launch marketing campaigns to promote brand recognition and attract users
Meet our Team who will revolutionize investment in the cryptocurrency market
We are a group of experienced and professional developers who have worked together since 2013, under (formerly Universel Limited), creating web and mobile apps for clients from around the world. People working on our team have experience in big companies like Unilever, Samsung, Coders Lab, MailOnline.
Our Advisor
Leaders of the best technology and finance institutions, such as Sky, Barclays, IBM, and well-known project advisors, such as Sapien, Zen, ETHLand, Experty, Friendz, BitRewards, BetterBetting, and more.
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