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The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new tasks. We have the greatest instrument on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a gigantic base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these ventures is Invest Platform, a framework made for both experienced merchants, beginners or essentially individuals who have no information and time, and need to profit with the best brokers on the cryptographic money trades.


Invest Platform is a framework made for both experienced brokers, novices or essentially individuals who have no learning and time, and need to profit with the best merchants on the cryptographic money trades. As a result of our stage, every client increment the odds of duplicating their capital. A broad social framework enables you to take after experienced financial specialists and put resources into a similar money match in the meantime.

In 2014 Invest Platform opened a wallet and began putting into digital forms of money. They directed a profound market examination before setting up their advancement. By recognizing the difficulties and torments that financial specialists confront they could give an answer that will take care of these issues. The examination demonstrated the fundamental reasons why novice financial specialists lose their cash. Above all else, they don’t have enough learning and experience to make the correct speculations. Furthermore, they don’t have sufficient energy to make a legitimate research. Lastly, they don’t have tolerance to continue on to their objective.

Shockingly enough experienced brokers additionally confront issues. Essentially, cryptotraders don’t have chances to pitch their aptitudes to budgetary foundations and in this manner exploit them. They have smart thoughts yet are not ready to adapt them by offering their experience and abilities.

Contribute Platform thought of an awesome thought that helps both experienced cryptotraders and novices in this circle. They offer their stage where experienced financial specialists can impart their system to different clients. Fledglings, in their turn, can take after those dealers that they are keen on and along these lines they take after what this financial specialist offers or purchases and can make a similar move.

The idea of Invest Platform is very straightforward:

An accomplished speculator, who has a demonstrated reputation, can impart his exchanging system to different clients. Fledglings (or experienced brokers who need a break) would then be able to take after any dealer that offers his methodology on our stage, basically by buying in to that specific merchant.

Both the accomplished dealer and the client who bought in to the broker are connected through an API. Along these lines any offer or purchase arrange the accomplished dealer makes is naturally duplicated to your record, on the trading of your decision.

The principle points of interest of utilizing an API benefit is that you stay in full control over your assets, private keys and decision of trade (e.g. Bittrex, Binance, GDAX, Poloniex, Bitifinex).

We will probably unite starting and experienced merchants in a win-win circumstance. On account of our stage, every client builds the chance to amplify their benefits. The starting merchant does as such by getting a charge out of the aptitudes and accomplishment of experienced brokers; while experienced dealers do as such by being able to offer their paid administrations to a huge group of onlookers.

What sets contribute stage a section from the opposition?

As opposed to aggressive stages offering comparative administrations, our stage has a few key points of interest which we might want to feature:

No shrouded fees — Competitive frameworks are costly and request extravagant charges. The Invest Platform offers a free stage based administration that brings both start and experienced brokers together. Our stage is available through the staking of INV tokens and just charges 10% on the benefits made by clients following a dealer of their inclination.

Safety — Competitive frameworks expect clients to store cash into their own wallets. This leaves clients in danger of potential burglary. Our stage has adopted an alternate strategy. By interfacing our clients through an API, you keep access to your cash consistently. Not exclusively will this spare you profitable time from not sending reserves from and to wallets; all the more critically, you won’t be presented to burglary. As an extra security measure we have constrained the API recalcitrance to just having the capacity to open and close positions. Withdrawals will be hindered at the API level. Our stage itself will be anchored by Google two-factor confirmation, instant message validation and IP whitelisting.

For what reason do starting dealers lose cash?

They don’t have sufficient energy to legitimately look into their ventures.

They don’t have enough information about specialized investigation.

They don’t have enough involvement with digital money trades.

They don’t have the privilege mental outlook.

They don’t have the tolerance

How it functions?

Points of interest

Checked Security

Confirmed client security through on-chain Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.

No Commissions

No commissions on our stage. All income go to clients.


The entire membership cost goes to the Investor, through to which you likewise procure.


We don’t keep clients’ finances, all assets remain on cryptographic money trade.

Everybody wins on our stage


Acquire by putting resources into an indistinguishable positions from an accomplished financial specialist.

Increase important learning from experienced speculators.

Have the capacity to talk about and make inquiries straightforwardly to an accomplished financial specialist in the visit.


Offer information with the clients who are bought in.

Doesn’t pay any commission!

Develop their income, status and finishing our positioning framework.

Why The Invest Platform Is Different?

Focused frameworks are costly and charge high expenses. The Invest Platform does not charge any expenses for the utilization of the stage or on any of the benefits that our clients may make.

Numerous other duplicate exchanging frameworks expect clients to store cash into the wallets of these organizations.

This puts your assets in danger and out of your control. Our stage be that as it may, on account of the association with trades through the API, has no requirement for clients to send their assets to our stage.

Our framework is really trustless and enables clients to keep their assets on the trade. Along these lines, any individual who utilizes our stage will dependably be in full control of their assets.

Our stage is gone for both experienced dealers and new individuals who, regardless of endeavors, lose their cash on the crypto market or need to expand benefits.

Invest (INV) Token Information

Invest token (INV) will serve as a means of staking and the main payment unit on our platform, essentially functioning as an internal currency. INV will be implemented as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain has been chosen for this project due to its wide application and proven reputation as an industry standard for issuing non-standard digital resources.

INV Token will not:

Pay dividends or profits of any kind, including buyback.

Enable holders to vote on company matters.

Control the company or give/imply ownership in any way.

Token Sale Information

INV Token will:

Pre-sale : Pre-sale will start on 26th May and run until 15th July 2018

Public token sale : Public sale will start on 15th August and run until 30th September 2018

There will be a total of 210 million, of which 60% will be offered for sale at a base of 0.0002 ETH (website:

Soft Cap : 4000 ETH ($1 500 000)

Hard Cap : 21429 ETH ($8 000 000)

Unsold tokens will be burned

The tokens will be allocated in the following manners:

Token Sale : 60%

Core Team : 20%

Reserve Fund : 13%

Advisor : 5%

Bounty : 2%

Token Sale Bonus System

It is possible to take advantage of the following bonuses during token sales :

INV Token will:

Total Supply : 210 million INV

Target Public Sale Amount : $15 million

Pre-sale Public-sale

Hard cap $5M $10M

Denomination ETH ETH

Participants KYC+Whitelist KYC



Mateusz Fraczek-Founder & CEO

Rafal Wlaz-CTO and Security Expert

Formerly: Coders Lab

Alex Kowalski-Lead Backend Developer

Formerly: GetResponse

Agnieszka Sasin-Marketing Expert

Formerly: Unilever

Jonas Zeno-Mobile Applications and Blockchain Developer

Formerly: MailOnline

Marcin Kurzepa-Frontend Developer

Formerly: WebGood

Pawel Dedio-Android Developer

Formerly: Samsung

Lukasz Jackiewicz-Senior UI/UX Designer

Formerly: Subtl.

The Advisors

Simon Cocking – Marketing Advisor

Jason Hung – Strategy Advisor

Adnan Javed – Blockchain Advisor

Andrew McGlan – Strategy Advisor

Anthony Ginsburg – Technical Advisor

Emma Adkins – Investor Relations Advisor

Rumen Slavchov – Marketing Advisor

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