In the modern world, the internet has a leading place in life and mind
human. The great opportunities provided by the online world bring every manufacturer,
mediator or product / service provider to represent their company,
introducing new apps and outlining various advertising campaigns on the Internet.
Today the advertising industry is one of the largest global industry sectors. advertising has become one of the driving forces of Internet development.The first internet advertisement appeared in 1994 The growth in advertising profits continues to stimulate countries like Argentina,
Brazil, India, Indonesia, China, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, South Africa. In 2025 due to the increase of mobile internet users amounted to 4 billion
person. It is expected to have a rapid development of new segments in advertising
Internet in all major markets and increase the investment attractiveness of IT-platform for
meet user needs.Our goal is to create a social network of brands based on technology
Blockchain.We want to attract users’ attention to advertising and increase its effectiveness by creating favorable conditions allow all participants to benefit from cooperation.users will get cryptocurrency and can buy goods on the Internet,transfer them into their bank account or card or turn them into crypto ones
other.User connecting technology enables the anonymity of savings in the network when
receive personal advertising advice and at the same time provide information
personal to the program, which works in an autonomous mode with no possibility
operator to intervene in the work process. As a possibility
additional to earn money, users will provide personal information
add-on to advertisers for free as part of work with technology
paid filters.
By using our platform, company administration can customize
ad campaign independently (without the help of a broker). For this purpose, it is enough

  1. Sign up for free at AdMine
  2. Budget deposits
  3. Set user revenue to apply
  4. Explain the purpose of the test and make the role of testers on the constructor
  5. Select users based on their interests
  6. Launch a campaign that will independently hold a tender and
    will select the player
  7. Interact with testers collect data
  8. Determine the completion level of the task completion of the completion of the session


In this case, there is only one solution. Each user must provide valid information in the questionnaire about the car and are interested in getting relevant ads.

To make it possible, we create a social network where all participants

listed below can exist simultaneously.

◉ advertiser ◉ advertising

market, users

◉ Publisher


Allows advertisers to place commissions without advertising, and allows users to earn revenue when viewing ads. Users can select the ads they want to watch.

We offer a network of banners built on the principles of social networking, where advertisers will act because investors and users will choose their reach to see ads, they can subscribe to their favorite brands and get paid to view the selected ads. On our platforms with special mechanisms to target the advertiser’s personal results will save some money and will choose the most suitable client.

Token Token Description.

Token-Shaped Tokens Media TOKEN is a compatible token ERC-20 which is distributed on Ethical Blocking by Token for smart contracts of Media Formed ERC-20.

ICO: 18 Pre-Sale – December 28, 2017

Limited token amount: 5000 000 MediaCoins:

MCN Price Symbol: 1 MCN = $ 2.5

Token Number: 100,000,000

Minimum purchase of money: 0.1 ETH

Token allocation

-5% ICO Pre Sale General Sales

-60%; General sales of ICO during Crowdsale

-10% Rooms

-15% of users will go to the AdMine team and will be blocked for 12 months

-6% will be AdMine’s advisor and will be blocked for 12 months

-2% sent to WINGS DAO launched, evaluate, social promotion

-2% Bounty Program

the number of tokens is limited to 100,000,000 without the possibility of subsequent emissions. At the end of ICO all tokens will be distributed between investors, unsold tokens will be removed. This approach will ensure the absence of inflation within the system, which will not contribute to token depreciation, create conditions for profitable sales and exchange.

Investor income grew in proportion to the increase in the number of participants in the system. The globalization of the system will bring investors an income comparable to all the rapidly growing cryptoes such as bitcoin and ETH.

Overview of projects run by ADMINE with the support of experts in the field to achieve success kedepanya, if you want to get more detailed information read whitepaper and can also join the social media with LINK below as a reference material.

To collaborate or join please contact this address:

My profile Bitcointalk:;u=408052



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