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BitBose is the solution to all the problems that we have with banks today.

Its key features are:

1. A revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange — that is connected to several decentralized exchanges all over the globe to find and give you the best buy/sell price for your cryptos.

2. A lending platform — take out loans against your cryptocurrencies at the lowest interest rates in the world. Loan amount sanctioned to small borrowers does not require any collateral.

3. An AI-ML bot — Spike, an AI-ML syndicated bot performs hundreds of trade per minute and earns profits for the holders of BOSE tokens.

4. Mine-able tokens — BOSE token will be allowed to be mined by dedicated miners to grab a share of the block reward

5. Minimal Human Management — Activities from loan sanctioning to algo-trading will be performed by the AI-ML bot. The human element will be limited to providing some data points to the bots. These data points will be provided by professional traders and fund managers who have a combined experience of over 100 years.

All of this goodness, rolled into a single platform.

Bitbose is more feature-rich than any traditional bank. With BitBose, your money is truly yours, no intermediaries, no hassles.

BitBose is Banking 3.0. Invest Today.

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