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Investa offers a unique platform of complimentary crypto services which work in tandem to enable our users to manage and invest their Crypto in a managed portfolio. Investa has been engineered to offer best in class crypto fund management, ICO investment, lending, prepaid debit card and ATM network. And it is starting its Official Bounty Program in order to reward its supporters with INV tokens.

What is Investa?

Investa is offering INV tokens via a coinsale auction that is currently open to Pre-sale allocation. INV can be bought with multiple currencies.

The Investa platform is developed and operated by experienced, experienced, experienced, technological, financial and business engineers. Investa is not just a blockchain project, it includes innovation, security, scalability and flexibility. Our founders and core members are growing rapidly and will be announced in the near future. The team has worked together on previous projects and we want to make sure we maintain our progress without disturbing the current publicity. Some limitations of competition and confidentiality do not preclude public disclosure of the group until the expiration time.

Investa employees and partners represent the highest quality employees in the field and we are excited to be involved in this visionary project.

InvestaCo is committed to implementing a fully transparent process even outside of open source. Here’s another way we mean to provide community transparency and control. Engaging in an accounting firm for third party audits, will be reported to the public. The founders will be limited to liquidate their INVs at a rate of more than 20% of the total pool in the first year. This is to prevent dumping and keep the token price stable. It also holds their interests in line with the INV community for a long time.

Token INV

The INV Token is a smart contract token based on ethereum ERC-223 compliance.

Token will be issued by Investa upon completion of public token sale.

Holder token will be able to use INV in the Investa platform as a payment tool for all services in our APP.

For example, INV holders will be able to use their tokens to subscribe to Investa’s crypto basket, which will take the token allocation from other ICO pre-sales, managed by our INV managers.

INV holders can also place their tokens into our programs such as Enterprise and Launchpad, for loans to small businesses and other approved borrowers.

INV tokens can also be used as a means of payment for upcoming Investa Events, such as the annual crypto summit, INV roadshow, or our mindshare forum. This event will be published in due time and INV holders will be able to attend, after paying for a ticket using an INV token.

Finally, INVs can be used within our payment network, such as to load a prepaid debit card with funds that can be used as FIAT currency to any merchant on the Union Pay network.

Or our users can transfer INVs to other Investa users, who can then redeem them in various other currencies, such as BTC or FIAT — so we allow our users a level of financial control and flexibility that was not previously available.

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