Investa is run as a private corporation, but will always be truly beholden to its coinholders and users, as we innovate we must iterate. To produce the optimum products we will be asking for consensus of our users, as the blockchain has always done since its creation by Satoshi Nakamoto. We will not deviate, or shy away from changing the way things are done, in fact we will embrace the opportunity that this ICO gives us to raise the funds and issue the coins into the hands of those who will share our journey The Investa platform is developed and operated by an experienced and capable team of tech, finance and business masters. Investa is more than just a blockchain project, it encompasses innovation, security, scalability and flexibility. Our founders and core team members are rapidly expanding and will be announced in due course. The team have worked together on previous projects and we want to ensure that we maintain our rapid pace of progress without the distractions of publicity at this point. Certain non compete & confidentiality restrictions further prevent public disclosure of the team until those have lapsed. Investa core and partners represent the highest quality personnel in their field and we are excited to be part of this visionary project Investa will be run as a private enterprise with a common goal. To truly benefit its coinholders and users, as we innovate we must iterate. To produce the optimum products we will be asking for consensus of our users, as the blockchain has always done since its creation by Satoshi Nakamoto We will not deviate, or shy away from changing the way things are done, in fact we will embrace the opportunity that this ICO gives us to raise the funds and issue the tokens into the hands of those who will share our journey.

    INVESTA – ETF Platform

    Investa’s Dashboard’s Platform at your fingertips. immediate access to your account dashboard, e-wallet, debit cards, exchange, internal transfer and remittance services. Investa’s services can be accessed through a PC or MAC or on any mobile device Look for our App in Google Play or App Store. INV token can be used to participate in future presales and ICOs of new blockchain based projects, allowing our token holders to benefit from the most promising and popular ICO sales, which frequently result in significant upside opportunity. Over the last 18 months since Etherium ICO, we have been tracking the performance of more than 800 ICO sales and initial trading performance. The results can be seen clearly – that early presale token holders are able to receive returns averaging 3x – 4x their initial investment, after just a short holding time and early exit. If the correct ICO’s are selected returns can be much higher. Our ICO verification and selection process relies on industry established methods of determining the viability and stability of the venture, as an indicator of likely ICO demand and performance.

    INVESTA – eWallet

    Investa’s e-wallet is ERC-20 compliant and developed on the Ethereum platform, with open source decentralized nodes to con rm all transactions quickly, minimizing risk, enhancing high security, and does not involve any third parties. We have a published development roadmap. All wallets on our platform will be auto-updated by our blockchain protocol to hold INV or trade seamlessly on global exchanges. Investa’s e-wallet provides a convenient storage vessel for your digital wealth, allowing a seamless switch between crypto and FIAT currencies. Every kind of crypto assets deposited at Investa’s e-wallet will be stored in an offline multisig wallet. It is planned that 95% of assets will be stored offline, while 5% of assets will remain in an online HOT wallet allowing for faster deposit/withdrawal experience.

    INVESTA – Exchange

    Problems of existing Cryptocurrency Exchanges – High Trading Fees According to ExchangeWar, the top 30 cryptocurrency exchanges, on average, charge 1-2% trading fees and conversion margins, which impact traders’ pro ts significantly. Some exchanges claim that they charge low trading fees, but these reduced rates o en only apply once a trader’s volume has reached a very high threshold. Fees to deposit and withdraw FIAT currencies are o en high and with slow processing times, meaning that trading gains are partially diminished by several layers of fees per transaction. Difficulties of Real-time Trading Due to lack of liquidity & rate-limited APIs, non-real-time transaction confirmation, and delayed order book updates, traders are often unable to trade in real-time or at sufficient volumes. This is especially apparent when the market get “hot” which is exactly when the users want to be able to trade! Investa exchange itself and our exchange partners will be managed to ensure maximum liquidity and high availability for our users to trade when they need. Asset Security Issues Cryptocurrency trading platforms hold a large amount of cryptocurrency deposits, making them unavoidably the target of hackers. On February 24th, 2014, Mt.Gox, a Bitcoin exchange, was breached and lost 650K Bitcoin, which is currently worth 2.6B USD; in August 2016, Bit nex, one of the world’s top 10 cryptocurrency exchange, was hacked and lost 120K Bitcoin, currently valued at more than 480M USD. If investors continue to be concerned about security issues, then the growth of the cryptocurrency trading market will be affected. Moreover, most cryptocurrency exchanges are not able to guarantee the adoption of the 100% reserve banking system. Deposits can be hacked; these security concerns make cryptocurrency deposits into exchanges unsecured.

    Project Team:

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    Tokens Details:

    The initial token presale will take place between May 1st – Jun 30th , and can be accessed via our website Please register for the token so you are notified of opening of the event. Recent token presales (also commonly referred to as ICOs) have sold out in minutes. Be sure to take advantage of notification and prior registration so you do not miss out. After the initial token presale, opening a coin account with Investa will be easy and free using existing Ethereum wallets. Because Investa is truly decentralized, it uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. The network collectively carries out the issuing of INV. It works everywhere, anytime, so business can be transacted 24/7 in any part of the world. Post-ICO, tokenholders will also be ableto buy and sell INV on exchanges, subject to applicable regulations in their country of residence.

    Token INV

    PreICO Price 1 INV = 0.4 USD

    Price 1 INV = 0.8 USD

    Platform Ethereum

    Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat

    Soft cap 1,000,000 INV

    Hard cap 30,000,000 INV

    Country UK

    Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist

    Restricted areas USA


    Investa mission is to create an open global financial technological platform so that anyone in the world can use it. This innovative platform will help to form its own ecosystem, where a core group of profitable products and services will be provided in one place. We also intend to expand our community of Investa’s to a global scale, where users can share trading ideas and new concepts. We will support innovation through our Launchpad and other initiatives so that the next generation of financial and blockchain projects will have a natural nexus, from which to assemble and grow. Overinvestment – the INV platform allows our coin-holders to exchange their coins for numerous products and services. Some of which may bring increased value to the coin-holders, but this is not guaranteed. There is a risk that funds are tied up for longer periods, or returns are lower than expected at the outset of the investment.

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