Investment Options with Artchain

With the art investment market on the rise, it’s important to understand what options are available to you. Doing so allows you to make the most of your potential investments.

Luckily, with Artchain, consumers have access to a variety of investment options that can help them make the right purchase — every time. From fraud protection to individual art shares, we make it easier than ever to make solid investments in art.

In this post, we’ll detail some major investment options and benefits of investing with Artchain. Let’s take a look.

· Individual Shares through Artcoin

Artchain continues to change the way the art investment market works. With our artcoin tokens, we enable consumers to invest in individual shares of an artwork. This is just another way that we are making it easy for consumers of all backgrounds to take advantage of the lucrative financial benefits of art investment.

Let’s put it this way: with our digital artcoin tokens, consumers are no longer bound to buying 100% per cent of an artwork. This makes art investment a more affordable and accessible form of investment. What’s more, this serves as only one of the many features of our highly-functional artcoins. Customers can also use these coins to settle art disputes and disagreements, pay for expert legal testimony regarding art matters, pay for art appraisal, and more!

· Digital Galleries

Artchain also simplifies the art investment process from the standpoint of galleries and art retailers. We accomplish this by allowing businesses to publish digital galleries of their artwork. These galleries feature only verified artwork so that consumers can always be sure they are investing in the real deal.

This means that galleries can now slash expensive appraisal costs and increase the chances of a speedy sale. In other words, Artchain’s strong technological basis streamlines art investment for both businesses and consumers alike, reducing costs and making the market more attractive to potential investors.

· ArtDNA

But how is all this possible? It’s quite simple. Artchain allows for reliable investment options through the integration of blockchain technology that can track and store digital transaction data and general information regarding artwork.

Simply put, Artchain allows galleries to certify their pieces with individual protective seals. In this way, verified artwork contains its own “ArtDNA,” or a specific fingerprint that can be digitally accessed to verify the authenticity and transaction history of a piece.

Through this technology, Artchain is making it easier than ever to invest in the art market. By cutting the middle man out of appraisal and verification, Artchain provides consumers with a more affordable avenue to lucrative investment opportunities through art.

What This Means for You

With Artchain, consumers now have access to more art investment opportunities than ever before. Furthermore, galleries can now position themselves more confidently in the market through product verification and the display of digital galleries that can be used to attract greater investment.

Artchain strives to make the art market more efficient for all parties involved. Through our artcoins and blockchain technology, we are transforming the way investors do business. Invest with us today to witness our amazing services firsthand!


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