The latest advances in blockchain technology are really interesting. Developers wearing t-shirts
with unicorns, llamas and flying saucers have kindly given us smart contracts. Several atomic
swaps between blockchains have already been made without the intervention of a third party and
the Lightning Network is already in use.
Everyone is talking about it but we are still without a reliable solution for actively or
algorithmically negotiating digital assets in a secure environment and with professional tools.
The next revolution will be moral and blockchain technology gives us a new tool to move towards
this reality.
Satoshi was kind enough to solve the double-spending problem, smart contracts allow
consensual execution without the intervention of a third party, atomic swaps allow the transfer
of value between different blockchains and the Lightning Network instantaneous transfers to low
The next step is a decentralized liquid exchange with smart contract and able to perform atomic
swaps and thousands of transactions per second without friction.
An analysis of the situation reveals the flaws of the centralized exchange system in place.
In a way, the exchange of centralized digital assets is already closed, it is only a matter of
appearance if not time. Given the past problems and their inability to compete with what is
coming, they have no future.
We must still give them credit because from 2009 to date, the emerging market of digital assets
was one of the most risky. Risky for the user but also for the exchanges themselves : from the
legislative, technological and financial point of view. The entrepreneurs of these exchanges gave
users first access to this market. We must be grateful to them.
Beautiful trading platforms were set up providing liquidity and respectable Bid / Ask spreads as
well as advanced tools such as margin trading and margin financing.
Unfortunately, the solution currently in place does not meet the expectations of a more
experienced clientele, if not even the novice user.


The solution is the InziderX exchange that our team plans to put in place.
Our mission is to create a decentralized exchange that is easy to use for novices but primarily for
actives and algorithms traders with all the right conditions for executing their strategy.
A decentralized, portfolio-based exchange (Dapp), which is liquid and whose graphical analysis
platform includes all the most advanced tools of its domain.
In fact, InziderX wants to become the sensible choice if not the only logical option for the elite
actives and algorithmics negotiators. Our focus will always be on the quality of the tools
available, the execution and the liquidity of the order books.
The time for a change has come, digital asset traders have experienced too much disappointment
to remain hostage of centralized hack exchanges and arbitrary changes in government
InziderX wants to be the OTC exchange where we negotiate between insiders, anonymously


The sale of InziderX will be used to develop the decentralized exchange with all its tools for
advanced negotiators, its portfolio, as well as other options to support its community: forums,
contests, signal.
50% of the INX will be mined in the Genesis Block. 42% will be distributed to the buyers of the
sale and will be used to develop InziderX projects. 6.6% will be kept in reserve for the
management of the exchange and 1.4% will be used for the advertising program.
50% of INX can be mined at 1.5% per year. It will take approximately 66 years before its total
The softcap for the sale of the INX asset is $ 3 million and the hardcap is $ 30 million.
Name : Active Digital InziderX
Code : INX
Quantity issue : 144,000,000
Premined quantity for the presale : 72 000 000
Introductory price : $ 0.55


Matthieu Simard: CEO / Developer
Bernard Inthavanh: Developer
Frederic Barbeau: Developer
Eseiwi Omorogobe: Developer
Marius Dragomir: Engineer
Ivan Mudryk: Social Media
Anonymous: Hacker / Security
Anonymous: Programmer Analyst
Anonymous: Develope
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