The process of blockchain technology remain unchallengeable in the marketing system, the blockchain has become a major pillar of trust for the individual, and through the process of blockchain technology, the process and the activities of the third party become irrelevant and many activities on marketing become more accommodating in compare to the traditional marketing system.

The blockchain technology main function is transparency and high level of security, the introduction of blockchain technology with its transparency function has helped a lot of online marketing system, which has made it possible for the whole online blockchain users to also experience transparency in any sectors built on blockchain technology.

Through the system of blockchain technology the process of recording information and the making of an agreement can be easily stored, and secure from interference, th blockchain technology has helped in term of eradicating the lawyer’s roles, administrators, others in contract making.

The blockchain has become the main target of the big investors in helping and retain them, the highest percentage of activities done online is the E-Commerce form of trade, and in the classification of the e-commerce, the Business to the Consumers (B2C)takes the highest percentage also, and with this it becomes so important that a day cannot pass by, without performing the e-commerce transaction, and as famous as it is, its still faced so many challenges in which lack of transparency is one of the major problems.

And as the problems are creating a negative effect, is really creating a high level of fear in the mind of the consumer, but with the process of strengthening the e-commerce with the help of blockchain technology and by the uses of cryptocurrency, it becomes easier, reliable, and also efficient for both the consumers and the distributors, which are the traders, and this will be done by the process of introducing the IOU platform, which will be helping to carry out this transaction.


The IOU platform cannot really refer to as a new generated platform, but IOU can be seen as a “Compounding Platform”, for the IOU are not set up to propagate a new principle of trading nor keeping of information, but the aims of the IOU is to combine the most THREE useful resources in online processes, and in which the human community needs, and also benefit from.

The combination of E-COMMERCE+BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY+CRYPTOCURRENCY=IOU PLATFORM, just as simple as that, the IOU has set up as a revolutionary, which will create perfection in the online trading system.


Since one of the major problems facing e-commerce is lack of transparency from the traders to the consumers and which has make it so difficult for the consumers to participate, and in another way, the blockchain technology has been created to develop and generate a high level of transparency, and which has been tested and fully confirm, that is why online trading experts from the globe decided to combine these to satisfy human wants.

And also its also a well-known fact that the problems of security of the individual customers found, also create great problems, the uses of cryptocurrency in e-commerce exchange, which will be stored in the blockchain technology will help free and fair transaction.


The process of trinity formulas that built up IOU will also make it possible to reduce the cost price of goods and services, since some of the agreement procedures will be done by the blockchain, such as the lawyer’s role, and such money will be deducted from the goods and services.

For perfect trading processes, the IOU will be making use of the IOUX as its utility token, and with this, the IOU will be carried out all transaction and many more advantages awaiting the participant.

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