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Hello to everyone, if you are interested in joining IOU’s plan, this optimal concept, to read responses, which has all the opportunities to help you get data that can help you in ghost vision and their mission:

The fact that IOU is like that? 
IOU is trying to reopen with the goal itself existing customer loyalty customers, to provide traders with positive, control and elasticity sides. This will allow traders to provide their own customers with an optimal level of customer satisfaction. This will be the exchange of advertising costs, which are published. 

The loyalty system recommended by IOU will allow commercial owners to create the latest levels of interaction with their own customers. In addition, they can also provide their own buyers with the ability to easily exchange IOU with other buyers.

Iou Respect – this unique and exciting platform with partnership baby goals, non-state actors and international networks, and communication. IOU threw the mi requirements for Express into mine and not your views and values ​​to evaluate and find grandeur in differences between colleagues and others, to learn in “other” prospects, and create and strengthen my uniqueness.

The Ministry of Finance officially issues its own labor costs with the main leader, the head of the economy, and the head of the main operator (whatever, “fair director”), under a writing contract that formalizes their current conditions for work. Such contract workers contain limited contracts, such as non-competitive accusations and no harassment. The employment agreement also considers supporting statements, provides access to retirement from work, useful reductions, outgoing leadership and other control measures from the edge of a serviceable government, and additional payments in the period from 6 to 18 months of wages, bonuses and income in the final tournament for 12 months after replacement of control.

IOU remains at the forefront of the FINTECH revolution, democratizing entry into the country for small business purposes. MF will extend the establishment of collateral loans and earn revenue on 2018 trips. 

IOU covers part 1 2018 * big profits in the amount of 804 088 $ UNITED AMERICA, which eliminates certain non-cash and non-recursive records, according to the comparison with purified purified losses in quantities 2-0, 7 million $ AMERICAN UNITED in the original environment 2017. 2 $ 1.5 million. 2 increases in adjusted profits from the Internet in the main because of the 2 million $ 1 share minimization in losses according to the mortgage, and in addition to $ 0.6 million. in reducing service costs in different places with the last year after all duration and in 2 $ 0.1 million expanding total profits.

The IOU hotel is located in the middle of the merchant’s room and has a bright and informal dining room. The service provider is very friendly and attentive, due to the fact that I have been there as a person further for the purpose of our many dinners. I came there for an amount of $ TWENTY-FIVE.99 and remained very happy. The fish feels new and the quail photo is funny and delicious. I got nigiri from sukhmani, so the fact that I couldn’t explain the scroll.

They also have an AYCE lunch diet, which does not contain characteristic rolls. Someone who, according to parents, is not able to with ordinary wrist rolls and rolls. The price of lunch is around $ TWENTIETH, which adds up to taxes. Due to the fact that I don’t usually ban rolls, lunch break-this approach! If you arrive at lunch and you want a unique party with scones, they will contain. 

IOU hotel is located in a shopping center. The provider was very friendly and attentive, considering we were the people who were there for most of our dinners. We went to eat as much as $ 25.99 and were very happy. The fish was fresh and the quail shot was interesting and delicious.

We have sushi nigiri, so I can’t comment on that. They also have an AYCE lunch menu which does not include typical bread. This still includes hand drums and light rolls. Lunch costs are around $ 20, which consists of taxes. Because I didn’t order bread, lunch is really the way to go! If you come for lunch and enjoy dinner with typical scones, they will accommodate. 

According to the company’s quarterly financial statements released today, IOU Financial allocates $ 29.2 million in the second quarter of 2018. This represents an increase of 11.6% compared to the end of the same period, and an increase of 19.1% compared to US $ 24.5 million in the last quarter. This is also the 0.33 quarter of IOU in a row with profitable profits.

I taught me that I cannot remember how confident I was in my faith that I had to listen to others and understand their point of view. I appreciate less and less love. In this way, I really know the strength and splendor of human solidarity. 

I agree with this because I go with a new family that I plan to reunite in the future. Thank you to the members and leaders of IOU Respect 2016 and those who helped us meet. I am very grateful for the high quality of the people I meet and the wisdom they convey in my life.

IOU is usually written when someone borrows money for each character and wants the money back under using a unique date. IOU can also be used when a supplier or product is provided and calculations are made that it will be paid later. 

The IOU control program can be empty. Every attempt to use an empty transaction with as if it is a valid IOU object, results in two exceptions from RWTHRInvalidPointer. It is possible to determine whether the IOU agreement is empty using isvalid (), two members of the service instance.

IOU – written proof of debt. If signed by the borrower, this is the best evidence. As proof of document from the debt, the signed IOU is as good as every promissory note. Only bells and whistles from promissory notes notices are lost. Any protection that can be used against signed IEDs can be used as a contradiction to promissory notes.

IOU is a random file that recognizes debt, and that debt does not always include monetary value because it can also include body products. The informal nature of MF’s potential may involve additional uncertainty, whether it is a binding contract, and legal assistance given to creditors can be excluded from this, which includes a formal contract, such as two minor violations that become aware or bind two derogations. Because of this uncertainty, IOU is usually not two tools that can be agreed upon at the trial or negotiation stage.

IOU may also function as a way to enter transactions in writing for consideration later. This record is also available for loans to individuals or companies who wish to describe the depreciation of two tables over a period of time. With the IOU form for loans, the payment schedule is mandatory. The amount of credit, payment for any activity, payment amount, and installment frequency for all vacation issues can also consist of an IOU form. However, IOU can also handle credit debt in two accounts receivable departments. 

Track map 

March 2017 
Market analysis 

May 2017 
Assessment of financial feasibility 

June 2017 
Prototype design 

July 2017
Establishing the scope of the research will begin the implementation of the entire module, which is in BL blockchainchain’s environment in 

August 2017 
Since the formation of the IOU P2P exchange 

September 2017 
Phase i: module testing and quality control 

October 2017 
Exchange IOU P2P 

November 2017 
Beginning of additional research cell including phase 2: make loyalty plan 

August 2018 
Phase II ends: Fidelity plan establishment, phase III: Fidelity plan determination, Pre-ICO / hope sheet 

September 2018 
ICO / definition early 

December 2018 
Completion of ICO / final stage III stage: Fidelity of initiation of operations plan determination the exchange list 

January 2019
Testing the concept of IOU loyalty, quality control 

February is 2019 
Launch of a closed beta version of 

April 2019 IOU 
The launch of the beta version of IOU puts the foundation of an advertising campaign in line with expansion in Europe, Africa and the Near East 

June 2019 
Beta V IOU version. 2.0 

August 2019 
Increased advertising campaign for expansion in Europe, Africa and the Near East 

September-Winter Road 2019 
Marketing campaign for expansion in the Asia-Pacific 

Marketing Campaign 2020-received 2020 according to expansion in North America / Iberia and Country / Latin America 


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