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Hello to everyone, if you are interested in joining the IOU plan, this optimal concept, in order to read the responses, which have all the chances to help you acquire data that can help you in the vision of their ghosts and mission:

The fact that such IOU?
IOU is trying to re-open with the goal itself existing project loyalty customers, in order to provide traders with more positive sides, control and elasticity. This will enable traders to provide their own customers with an optimal degree of customer satisfaction. This will be the interchange of advertising costs, which existed published.

The loyalty system recommended by IOU will enable commercial owners to create the latest degrees of interaction with their own customers. In addition, they can also provide their own buyers with the ability to easily exchange IOU with other buyers.

Iou Respect-this unique and striking platform with a purpose infant partnership, non-state actors and international grids, and communications. IOU threw the mi requirement to Express are mine and not your views and values to evaluate and to find magnificence in the differences between comrade with another, to study in “other” prospects, and create and strengthen my uniqueness.

The MOF formally issued charges own work with any leading chief, economic chief, and chief of the main operator (any, “fair Director”), under a writing contract that formalizes their current conditions to work. Such contract workers contain limited contracts, such as Allegations of non-competition and no harassment. The working agreement also takes into account the supporting statements, providing access to retirement from work, fruitful reduction, outgoing leadership and other control measures from the edge of the serviceable government, and in addition payments in the period from 6 up to 18 months of wages, bonuses and income in the final tournament for 12 months after the replacement of control.
IOU remains at the forefront of the FINTECH revolution, democratizing admission to the state for the purpose of small business. The MF is going to extend the formation of collateral lending and acquire income in the course of 2018.

IOU covered 1st section 2018 * a huge advantage in the amount of 804 088 $ UNITED States of AMERICA, which eliminates certain non-cash and non-recurring notes, according to the comparison with the adjusted purified loss in the amount of 2-0,7 mln $ UNITED States of AMERICA in the original neighborhood of 2017. 2 $ 1.5 million. 2 increases in adjusted profits from the Internet in the main due to 2 million $ 1 minimization of stocks in the loss according to the mortgage, and in addition $ 0.6 million. in the reduced costs of the service in different quarters with the final year of this after all duration and in 2 $ 0.1 million expands the total profit.

Hotel IOU is located in the middle of the trader’s room and has a light and informal dining area. The service providers are very friendly and considerate, due to the fact that I have existed as one people further for the purpose of many of our dinners. I came out there is such an amount as the amount of $ TWENTY-FIVE.99 and remained very happy. Fish feels new and photos of quail there was a funny and tasty. I got nigiri of sukhmani, so the fact that I can’t explain the rolls.

They also have a lunch diet AYCE, which does not contain the characteristic rolls. Someone according to-old incapable with ordinary wrist rolls and rolls. The price of lunch is about $ TWENTIETH, which adds up to taxes. Due to the fact that I usually do not forbid rolls, lunch break-this approach! If you arrive at lunchtime and you want a unique party with scones, they are going to contain.

IOU hotel is located in a shopping centre. Provider was very friendly and attentive, considering we were the ones who were there for most of our dinner. We went to eat as much as $ 25.99 and were very happy. The fish was fresh and the quail shot was interesting and tasty.

We got the nigiri sushi, so I couldn’t really comment on the roll. They also have an AYCE lunch menu which does not include typical rolls. This still includes light hands and roll drums. The cost of lunch is about $ 20, which consists of taxes. Because I didn’t order bread, lunch is really the way to go! If you come for lunch and enjoy dinner with typical scones, they will accommodate.

According to the company’s quarterly financial report released today, IOU Financial allocated $ 29.2 million in the second quarter of 2018. This is an 11.6% increase compared to the end of the same period, and a 19.1% increase compared to us $ 24.5 million in the last quarter. It’s also 0.33 quarter IOU in a row with a profitable profit.

I taught me that I could not remember how confident I was in my faith that I had to listen to others and understand their points of view. I appreciate love less and more. In this way, I have truly come to know the power and splendour of human solidarity.

I agree with this because I left with a new family that I plan to reunite in the future. Thank you to the members and leaders of IOU Respect 2016 and those who helped us meet. I am very grateful for the high quality of the people I have met and the wisdom they have conveyed in my life.
IOU is usually written when someone lends money to each other’s character and wants the money back below using a unique date. IOU can also be used when a supplier or product is provided and a calculation is made that it will be paid later.

The IOU controls event can be empty. Each attempt to use a transaction is empty with as if it were a valid IOU object, resulting in two exceptions from RWTHRInvalidPointer. It is possible to determine whether the agreement IOU blank using isvalid (), two members of the service instance.

IOU-a written evidence of the debt. If signed by the borrower, this is the best evidence. As documentary proof of debt, a signed IOU is as good as any promissory note. Only bells and whistles from the notice of promissory notes are lost. Any protection that can be used against a signed IED can be used as a contradiction to a promissory note.

IOU is a random file that recognizes debt, and that debt doesn’t always include monetary value because it can also include body products. The informal nature of the MF’s potential may involve additional uncertainty as to whether it is a binding contract, and the legal assistance provided to creditors may be excluded from this, which includes a formal contract, such as two misdemeanours that become aware of or bind two derogations. Because of this uncertainty, IOU is usually not the two tools that can be agreed upon at the trial or negotiation stage.

The IOU may also actually function as a way to enter into transactions in writing for later consideration. This note is also available for loans to individuals or companies that want to illustrate the depreciation of two tables over a period of time. With the IOU form for loans, a payment schedule is mandatory. The number of credits, payment for any activity, the amount of payment, and the frequency of installments for all holiday issues can also consist of IOU forms. However, IOU can also handle credit debt in two accounts receivable departments.

Track map

March 2017
Market analysis

May 2017
Financial feasibility assessment

June 2017
The design of the prototype

July 2017
Setting the scope of the study will begin the implementation of whole modules, which are in BL blockchainchain environment

August 2017
Since the formation of P2P IOU exchanges

September 2017
Phase i: module testing and quality supervision

October 2017
Exchange IOU P2P

November 2017
The beginning of the study cell of additions including 2nd stage: making plans loyalty

August 2018
Phase II ends: the Establishment of the plan Fidelity, phase III: establishment of the plan Fidelity, Pre-ICO / sheet expectations

September 2018
Early ICO / definition

December 2018
Completion of ICO / end sequence stage III: Establishment of the plan Fidelity of initiation of the operations of the exchange lists

January 2019
IOU loyalty concept testing, quality supervision

February Is The Month 2019
The launch of a closed beta-version of IOU

April 2019
The launch of the betka version of IOU laid the Foundation of the advertising campaign according to the expansion in Europe, Africa and the Near East

June 2019
Beta version V of IOU. 2.0

August 2019
Improved advertising campaigns for expansion in Europe, Africa and the Near East

September-Winter Road 2019
Marketing campaigns for expansion in the Asia-Pacific region

January-Acceptable 2020
Marketing campaigns according to expansion in North America / Iberia and Country / Latin USA



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