An ability to provide a secure and protected on any goods and services, such needs a qualified equipment for such network or a platform in having the capacity, the act of securing goods and services have remained an important factor in any form of businesses, from the producers or the sellers to the consumers, but in anything in which the individual engages in, whenever there is no more available or secure ground, such things are not well done, or engage in any longer.

The development processes have gone a long way in the uses of the scientist technology tools in most of what we are doing as our daily activities in different communities and ecosystem today, the scientist technology has contributed so much in the aspect of trading and any form of business, especially the e-commerce processes.

The introduction of e-commerce has had the highest percentage in the development in the marketing system of different community ecosystem, the individual trader has developed the habit of making trade through the internet and which has promoted trading system,the online system of trading makes it possible for the individual person to seat in a single place and make choice of what the individual person wants.

Moving up and down before getting goods and services become highly reduced by the individual, but this has also generated some problems and which yet to be solved between the individual traders and the buyers and which is the issue of trust, secure of the individual buyers found and also in-visibility of their find, but with the help of the IOU, these problems can be rectify.


The uses and development of the IOU are initially based on the blockchain technology with the aim of making the transaction between the traders and the consumer remain solid.

The IOU has made a provision in solving the previous problems facing the e-commerce system and looking for the solutions, and with this, it has made it more secure, visible and dependable than ever, and the common problems affecting the online trading system, and the common problems are-

Lacks of mutual relationship between the traders and the consumers- the online marketing system has no specific ways of seeing the particular person someone is negotiating business with and nothing or no-one will also be standing as a witness after transaction occur,and the IOU platform notice that most of these transactions are always turn out to be fake, or been duped, and with this it has stood a great way of sending the online e-commerce users away, but the uses of the IOU, the security becomes possible in all transaction.


But with the help of creating a secure and proper visibility in all form of business by the IOU, The uses of blockchain in e-commerce has been implemented.

The IOU will be making use of a blockchain technology, which will be creating a great security for all the customers on the issue of buying online, any transaction occurs will be passing through blockchain, and with this, it will become possible in the process of making a successful transaction.


The IOU will be making it possible for both the trader to have a mutual relationship, the IOU will create a venue in which the buyers can have a personal discussion with the merchant traders, and with this, there will be assurance on what the individual wants to buy.

The IOU has also made it possible to refund the account of any buyer that could not get his good, IOU will be making this to be possible through the blockchain technology.

Been a member or partner with the IOU is a great opportunity in having secure access to purchasing of your goods, be a participant today and remain secure.

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