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IOU transforms existing loyalty systems to provide more flexibility, control and enhanced benefits to traders and ensure that the highest degree of customer satisfaction is achieved, taking into account the costs incurred for marketing.
“IOU Loyalty System” allows business owners to create a new level of interaction with consumers and, most importantly, the opportunity for consumers to freely exchange their IOU-offers with other consumers that they need more.
IOU-obligations will become the flagship of loyalty programs on the basis of blocking for traders as a secure and effective way of promoting special offers among consumers.
Each consumer will truly become an “agent” by identifying other consumers on the P2P exchange in order to sell their IOUs based on needs and values ​​at the time of the transaction. This approach allows traders to receive a steady influx of new customers and truly loyal customers.
Finding and acquiring new customers can be a huge challenge. The reasons can be many, but the customer loyalty stats don’t lie: it’s roughly 500% more expensive to convert new ones than to keep current customers.
Fetching a new customer from the clutch of an eminent competitor is like an everlasting headache for marketers5.
When it comes to personalized online experiences in the US, the most popular [factors] were website optimized by the device (desktop, tablet, mobile) (64%) and promotional offers for items the customer is strongly considering (59%)6.
An interesting finding: 53% of adults living in high-income households are willing to switch brands for the sake of using a coupon7. This leads us to a major issue: the challenges that e-commerce faces.
Now, imagine the explosive combination of e-commerce with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies: the IOU Platform.
IOU is a true P2P e-commerce loyalty platform on blockchain
It aims at empowering blockchain Merchants and Consumers with decentralized and secure Peer-to-Peer technology driving customer satisfaction and loyalty through Merchant’s trade-able IOUs.
IOU reinvents existing loyalty systems in order to provide more flexibility, control, and enhanced benefits for Merchants in order to guarantee the highest possible level of consumer satisfaction for the incurred marketing expenditures.
IOU “loyalty system” allows business owners to create a new level of interaction with consumers and, most importantly, provides the opportunity for consumers to freely exchange their IOU Offers with other consumers for other IOUs which are needed more for those trading parties.
IOU Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform providing new opportunities for each Merchant (Business Merchant) in the world with regard to loyalty system organization, interaction with consumers, investment attraction, and revenue growth by the means of issuing its own freely tradable IOUs (IOU Crypto-Obligations / “IOU-CO”).
IOU offers complete transparency utilizing Blockchain for its Group Loyalty offers with clear visibility, security, speed of processing and traceability of transactions through the decentralized register of all sources.
IOU is Offering Merchants and Consumers clear advantages over the traditional e-commerce environment making transactions Cost-Effective and Secure while building ultimate trust between Merchants and Consumers. Rating mechanism would boost a trust even further.
Cost-effectiveness of transactions and global reach of consumers beat the conventional digital payment methods as it removes the middlemen/payment processors that take a big cut.
Not only consumers would feel secure and get significant savings but also, they could use their purchased IOUs as actual monetary assets which they will be able to trade with other consumers or sell on the exchange. This is a tremendous benefit of IOU Platform.
Loyalty factor is another huge benefit allowing both consumers and merchants to get rewarded for generating top rated, quality offers and transactions on IOU Exchange. Merchants and Consumers will be able to donate some IOUs for those in need and get rewarded for philanthropic activities. The company would also place donation requests on special causes and would reward Merchants and Consumers, as well as match such donations to benefit those causes.
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