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About the project

IOU Respect is a unique and amazing platform for collaboration with children, non-public development, networking and international communication. The IOU program challenged me to express my beliefs and values, to appreciate and discover each other’s splendor, to study the “other” perspective and to strengthen the personality.

IOU closed its first quarter 2018 with wonderful adjusted profits of $804,088 , which excludes certain non-cash and non-recurring items, compared to an adjusted net loss of two $0.7 million two in the first quarter of 2017. The two $1.5 million two enchancment in adjusted internet revenue is basically due to the two $1 million minimize in the provision for mortgage losses as well as to the $0.6 million in reduced working costs in the quarter in contrast to the same duration ultimate year and to the two $0.1 million extend in gross revenue.

IOU is located in a strip mall putting and has a simple and informal eating area. The provider was very friendly and attentive, granted we had been the solely ones there for most of our dinner. We went for the all-you-can-eat for $25.99 and left very satisfied. The fish tasted fresh and the quail shots have been exciting and tasty. We caught to the nigiri sushi so I can not in reality remark on the rolls. They additionally have a lunch AYCE menu that excludes distinctiveness rolls. It still includes hand rolls and easy rolls. The lunch rate is about $20 consisting of tax. Since I don’t typically order rolls, lunch is truely the way to go! If you come all through lunch and favor the dinner fee with the distinctiveness rolls, they will accomodate.

IOU Financial originated $29.2 million during Q2 2018, according to the company’s quarterly financial statement released today. This is an amplify of 11.6% in contrast to the equal period ultimate year, and an enlarge of 19.1% over originations of $24.5 million from last quarter . This is additionally IOU’s 0.33 consecutive quarter with advantageous earnings.

IOU E-Commerce Blockchain Loyalty System Platform Benefits

By tokenizing the merchant promotional offers through the blockchain, consumers and merchants will get to enjoy the following benefits:

Loyalty And Customer Retention

All IOU obligations will go on to develop into Flagship Blockchain Loyalty Programs for the business owners. Merchants will, thus, have access to an efficient and secure way of promoting all their special offers to consumers.

Viral Marketing

Clients will essentially become agents for the merchants. They will be able to target other consumers on the peer-to-peer exchange looking to exchange the IOUs they have with other consumers. This is something that will be based on the value and need at the moment a transaction is being executed. It is an approach that will make it possible for business operators to attract and retain a stable customer influx.

The IOU Peer-To-Peer Exchange

This particular exchange is one that is being driven by market flexibility. Clients will be able to securely purchase IOU offers from business owners with each purchase having specific terms for the promotional service or product, e.g., exchange terms, limited quantity, and expiration date.

It is a type of flexibility that is likely to provide consumers with enough time-frame to use their services or products. Alternatively, they will also have enough time to trade the IOUs in their possession with others who may be interested in them in any location across the globe.

Global Digital E-Commerce Trends

  • Total global population: 7.476 billion people. Urbanization stands at 54%
  • Internet users: 3.773 billion. Penetration stands at 50%
  • Active social media users: 2.789 billion. Penetration stands at 37%
  • Unique mobile users: 4.917 billion. Penetration stands at 66%
  • Active mobile social users: 2.549 billion. Penetration stands at 34%

IOU IOUX Token & ICO Details

Merchants will be required to pay a five percent gas fee using IOUX tokens for each and every IOU offer that is issued for clients. In return, IOUX token holders will be provided with a five percent discount as an incentive. They would also receive an additional 20 loyalty tokens every time a consumer or merchant accumulates transactional tokens totaling 1000 or more.

Post ICO Token Distribution

  • Public — 57.5%
  • Founders and Management — 20%
  • ICO Advisors and Bounty Marketers — 2%
  • Company — 20.5%

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Total number of tokens: 800,000,000
  • 800 IOUX tokens= 1 ETH
  • Pre-ICO: 10, 000,000 tokens with a 40% volume bonus
  • ICO: 100,000,000 tokens (tokens sold bonus, time of crowd sale bonus, and volume bonus
  • Road mapMarch 2017

    Market analysis

    May 2017

    Economic feasibility assessment

    June 2017

    The design of the prototype

    July 2017

    Setting up the development environment Start of implementation of existing system modules in the blockchain environment

    August 2017

    Start of IOU P2P exchange development

    September 2017

    Phase I: module Testing and quality control

    October 2017

    The completion of a P2P exchange IOU

    November 2017

    Start of mobile application development start of phase II: loyalty project Development

    August 2018

    Completion phase II: Development of the loyalty project, phase III: Development of the loyalty project, Pre-ICO / Waitlisting

    September 2018

    The beginning of the ICO / Waitlisting

    December 2018

    Completion of ICO / Waitlisting the Completion of phase III: Development of the loyalty project Initiation procedures exchange listing

    January 2019

    IOU loyalty system testing, quality control

    February–March 2019

    The launch of the closed beta IOU

    April 2019

    The launch of the beta version of the IOU Start a marketing campaign for expansion in Europe, Africa and the middle East

    June 2019

    The launch of the beta version v IOU. 2.0

    August 2019

    Completion of an expansion marketing campaign in Europe, Africa and the middle East

    September –December 2019

    Marketing campaign for expansion in the Asia-Pacific region

    January –May 2020

    Marketing campaign for expansion in North America / Spain and Portugal / Latin America

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