About the project:

IOU reinvent the existing loyalty system to provide traders with the flexibility, control and additional benefits to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction that can result from the marketing costs incurred.

The IOU loyalty system allows business owners to create new levels of interaction with consumers and, most importantly, gives consumers the opportunity to freely exchange the receipts they buy from other consumers for other debt receipts that are needed more for traders.

Advantages of the Blockchain e-commerce loyalty platform for e-commerce By opening advertising offers of sellers through a block chain, consumers and sellers can enjoy the following benefits:

Loyalty and retention of customers:

Obligations of all debt obligations will develop in the framework of the Flagship Blockchain loyalty program for entrepreneurs. Therefore, sellers have access to an effective and safe way of promoting all their special offers to consumers.

Viral Marketing:

Customers are mainly agents for traders. They can target other consumers to peer-to-peer exchanges to exchange IEDs with other consumers. This is something that will be based on the cost and needs of the transaction. This is an approach that allows business operators to attract and maintain a steady flow of customers.

Exchange of peer-to-peer exchange:

This special exchange is one that is conditioned by the flexibility of the market. Customers can safely purchase offers from leading legal entities with each purchase, with specific terms for advertising services or products, such as exchange requirements, a limited number and expiration dates.

It is a form of flexibility that can give consumers enough time to use their services or products. Alternatively, they also have enough time to exchange debt receipts with those who may be interested in them anywhere in the world.

Global trends in digital e-commerce:

  1. Total world population: 7 476 billion people. 
    Urbanization reaches 54%
  2. Internet users: 3.773 billion. 
    Penetration is 50%
  3. Social media active users: 2789 billion. 
    Penetration reaches 37%. 
    4. Water mobile user: 4.997 billion. 
    Penetration is 66%
  4. Active cellular social users: 2.549 billion. 
    Penetration reaches 34%

Details of the IOUX and ICO token:

The seller must pay five percent of the gas using the IOUX token for each IOU offer the client offers. In turn, owners of IOUX tokens receive a 5% discount as a gift. They will also receive 20 additional logarithms of loyalty each time a consumer or seller collects transaction tokens of 1000 or more.

Publish distribution of ICO tokens:

1.Public – 57.5%

  1. Founder and management – 20% 
    3.ICO and marketer Bounty – 2% 
    4.Company – 20.5%

ICO parameters:

  1. Total number of tokens: 
    800,000,000 2,800 tokens IOUX = 1 ETH 
    3.Pre-ICO: 10,000,000 tokens with 40% 
    bonus 4.ICO: 100,000,000 tokens (sold bonuses, bonus sales time for the crowd and bonus volume)



VITALIY GARSHTYA: Chief Visionary Officer 
VLADISLAV FRANCE: Chief Technical Officer / Systems Architect 
MAKS KOSTIN: Chief Information Officer 
EDWARD W. MANDEL: Business Development 
SOL ALAN SAAD: Strategic Executive Advisor – International Investment Business and Business Development 
VICTOR JACOBS : Executive Director for Business Development 
ANDREAS JOHNNO: Executive Director 
MARIOS CHARALAMBIDES: Corporate structuring and accounting 
ANDREY NEČESOV: Blockchain developer, scientist 
VYACHESLAV MIRGORODS KY: The developer of the full stack 
EVAN BERGER: International Legal and Venture Strategy
GERMAN TANOV: Marketing strategist 
NIK VERO: Sales and Marketing 
Manager MAXIM GARBUZOV: Community Manager. Marketing of social networks. 
ROMAN MIROSHNYCHENKO: a specialist in digital marketing. Project manager. 
DR. BING DENG, PHD: Strategy Blockchain / Crypto Investor / APAC Marketing


PUI CHI WONG: strategic adviser – investment banking, business development APAC 
DR. PAVEL BONDAREV, PHD: Strategic adviser – Developing AI 
Lyudmila Erukhova: strategic adviser – analyst Fintech 
MARLOW ROSADO: strategic adviser – music and entertainment partnership 
JOHN ZANOTHY: strategic adviser – business development 
MICHELLE L. STEINGARD: Strategic Advisor – Affiliate Marketing 
CONSTANTINOS KASTA: strategic adviser – marketing in the EMEA region 
ARTURAS SVIRSKIS: Strategic Advisor – Marketing 
SALINA BO: Strategic Advisor – Compliance with 
KIRILL OVS: Strategic Advisor – Business Development 
TIM CHEN: Tagichesky adviser – Marketing APAC
BEL R. LE: Strategic Advisor – PR APAC 
KAREN HU: Strategic Advisor – APAC Partnership 
MICHAEL MA: Strategic Advisor – Corporate Sales APAC 
CHI LE: Strategic Advisor – PR and Marketing, Southeast Asia 
THANG BUI: Strategic Advisor – Developer Blockchain, South Asia




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