Hello my dear crypto enthusiasts, today we will talk about a new, wonderful and promising IOVO project and its advantages! IOVO stands for “Internet of Value OmniLedger”. Before giving you details about this platform here is the basic things to understand.
Have you ever think that every word you speak, every single action you make is your property and you own it completely. You have all the right to protect it so there is a universal/ global network to secure it completely. IOVO is a decentralized database ecosystem.

About the project

This is a Blockbuster innovation that is aimed at the internet of value for all the users of the internet. Since the introduction of the ledger system, many platforms have emerged to proffer solutions to majority of the world problems, but interestingly, this one is focusing on the protection of users data in their relationship with the net world. IOVO is bent to making the scenario such that, curators of data have the control and management of the details without any external interference or access. The internet is constantly growing and is known for it’s progressive evolution right from the days when it was first colonised by only bloggers to this present time that it can now be interconnected with many things and devices that can be used in our everyday life. Very soon, the internet will become a mobile robot with the totality of it’s functionalities embedded and being able to be infused in many objects to do the works that men find tedious or difficult. However, it is the function of this IOVO to incorporate web value and secure the users of the net. To make this possible, it has designed many infrastructures such as Tron(TRX) and some other decentralizing features that will ensure that the net which users surfs is well protected and highly decentralized.

IOVO has many blueprint layout to achieve the solutions it proposes. It will put an end to the illegal collection of users personal info in the net and ensure their tracks cannot be traced just like it has always been done before. There will be no more data democratization whatsoever and the way they are being issued and distributed will be supervised by IOVO.

Iovo creates an Ultra-scalable and extremely dependable platform and secure trust between parties. With Iovo ,it puts an end to data exploitations by big brands at the expense of the individuals who create them. Now data users are connected directly to data acquirers, with the Blockchain and DAGs technologies providing full transparency on how data is collected, scored, verified, updated and transferred.

IOVO offers the national infrastructure to produce a brand new information economic climate, the one that permit customers in order to generate income from their own information as well as entry advantages which were formerly just open to the actual proprietors associated with systems as well as programs. IOVO is really a decentralized data source environment. It’s focused on providing information possession as well as energy more than information and it is monetization in order to individuals in whose life produce this: individuals. IOVO is actually created as well as made to safe total manage total users’ information as well as exactly how it’s discussed. Customers choose exactly what will get exposed, that will get entry, as well as exactly what they would like to end up being taken care of this. IOVO provides customers possession as well as complete manage more than their own electronic worth as well as privateness, as well as moving information monetization procedures through big information accumulating businesses towards the last person. IOVO ensures complete information protection in order to providers associated with programs as well as decentralized programs.

IOVO is really a effective system data source with regard to searching, evaluation, as well as inference. The actual national infrastructure is actually adequately analysis-friendly as well as designed with comfortable access in order to exterior analytical resources. Through aggregating all sorts associated with individual information produced through customers associated with dApps in line with the DAG, IOVO acts like a total large information national infrastructure effective at supplying solutions in order to complicated investigation as well as evaluation inquiries. Along with supplying information safety, the actual IOVO system features like a data source, accumulating information through just about all programs constructed or even based on this. IOVO is really a peer-to-peer system -users may sign up for this anytime and begin producing dealings. Within it’s initial phases, the actual IOVO system won’t include a lot information -it may remember to collect info as well as produce useful rankings. Consequently, we have to encourage individuals to take part in the first phases associated with IOVO. Generating within IOVO is actually straight attached to the actual book idea of evidence of worth (PoV). PoV is definitely an development from the evidence of risk. The marketplace as well as interpersonal programs from the IOVO DAG tend to be practically limitless, and may include just about all company places. The reason being scorings could be each based on various marketplace behaviors as well as give you the info essential to change the actual conditions associated with products as well as providers in order to specific customers.


The IOVO network and dApps
IOVO is a peer-to-peer network in which users can join it at any time and in other to start making transactions. Every user connected to the Iovo and Dapps network acts as a transmitter
of transactions. They are incharge of broadcasting incoming transactions to other nodes in the
network. This is to enable every transaction to reach validators in a fraction of a
second. The Validators in the other way are responsible for verifying the transactions as they come. They act as check and balance system as such as to check every transaction for correctness and run their smart contract code (if
present). Validators are incentivized and motivated to participate in this verification process
by the network rewards, which are distributed according to IOVO’s proof-of value (PoV) consensus algorithm, an extension of proof of stake (PoS).

In a centralized application network there is a central server (S) and clients
(K) which communicate with it. These client devices include smartphones,
tablets, and laptops. The IOVO DAG is a decentralized application network
system where all users are equal. Therefore all connections are distributed
evenly between random nodes within the network. The clients still exist, but
some nodes function as validators (V ).
On top of this network layer, all users can develop and implement decentralized
apps dApp.


So far so good, quite a number of project has emerged for the same reason but there is still an empty gap that has to be filled which made this platform arose. It is true that IOVO will be making collection of details possible but on the other hand, it will render the platforms that are known to always monopolize this commodity no powerless just as they should be and that its major reason for emerging as a purely Decentralized Platform. Saving these commodity will be the major focus and on the other hand, it will present the curators with a way they can make money from them. Perfect monetization will be possible and made interesting as many Data Mongers will be made to humbly seek the purchase of these values. As a great Technology as it is, there will be perfect coordination of the cyber space. This will give everyone a free access and confidence to do as it pleases them on the net without intrusion.

Apparently no one would like to be involved in the social system and have to lose his or her details in the process. So this makes IOVO a platform for all in the sense that everyone can be sure of their privacy and values in the cyber space. No more taking advantage of the innocent and ignorant users with IOVO in power. All will be educated on the importance of data and their significance to the growth and profitability of big internet companies and by that there will be no more leverage taken by these setups and peoply will be aware and sure to monetize their details properly as they should. The value of all the internet users would be raised by this initiative on the ledger system.

IOVO will be making the gathering of users data and the protection democratized in it’s ecosystem thus establishing a sort of consensus gathering of the commodity and making their use very easy for the parties involved. This will increase the possibility of having the companies that needs this information to come for them and meet with curators before they can have these somewhat raw materials to enhance their activities. The platform will be vast enough to allow these forms of interaction in a special way that will ease the process and give the curators a legal ground to negotiate well with the companies that come for their details. Curators in these ecosystem will start experiencing a new type of deal with their details as an exchange substance. Funds will however be generated endlessly in this case and the process will be very secure. There will no longer be any illegal mining of data and the exploitation of the owners. As they should be respected, users will begin to build their values and boost their confidentiality in a way that they wouldn’t have a course to regret as their back is got by IOVO. This platform will place an end to the widespread monopolization of users information and the unjust use by other internet bodies for their personal gain. IOVO will therefore maintain it’s omniledger characteristics till the whole cyber universe is revamped and made free from prying eyes.

Digital values now can be fully managed by the users with IOVO while also ensuring that their privacy is not bridged.


  • IOVO is able to unravel scalability and traditional blockchain exhibition challenges like Ethereum and Bitcoin using DAG multi-blockchain that adopt blockchain technology by snowballing its performance and scalability by means of sharding.
  • IOVO is devoted to providing data ownership and power over data and its monetization to individuals who generate data.
  • IOVO is developed to safeguard total control over all its platform user’s data and how it is being shared.
  • IOVO platform users can choose who can have access to their data and amount that can be charged for it.
  • IOVO assures operators of decentralized applications (dApp) and application owners full data security and also enables monetization of this data with the user consent.


  • Users are entitled to data wallet and enjoy full access to IOVO network.
  • Users have the legal right to their personal data.
  • There is transparency and security with user’s data.
  • Users can monetize their personal data or choose to share their data with others.
  • users can decide to be anonymous with their data.
  • dApp and application operators will have access to an exclusive universal database through data wallet.
  • Companies and data analysts will have access to data research and analysis.
  • Companies and data analysts will have direct access to with surveyed users.

The IOVO token:

The IOVO token also have ticker “IOVO” as well which will be available during private and public sale. Visit the sites mentioned at the end of the blog for updates about token sales and bonus.
Below is the table covering significant facts about IOVO platform:

IOVO stands for Internet Of Value OmniLedger
Ticker IOVO
Hardcap $30 million
Price 0.12 USD/ IOVO
Accepted Currency ETH, BTC
Total tokens
Wallet Given to every token holder, Keep tokens, Gateway to access the database of IOVO
Needs fulfilled of Users, DApps, DApp’s owners, Companies, Data Analysts
Merits Scalability, Stability, Security, Data storage, Monetization and Transparency
Technology Smart contract and Multi-blockchain DAG



Applications built on IOVO:

IOVO have already built DApps (decentralized Apps) one of them is “INFLUNOMY”.
INFLUNOMY is online Marketplace where users can get discounts merely by posting about any place/ brand (sort of hand of mouth advertisement). Users can keep their reward or can also trade it for anything else.
Another application is DROPP, where you can add pictures or videos of any place to its map location. In this way other users can also get a review about that place, but keep it in mind you are not doing it for free.
Other DApps include Flatty, IOVO banks and many more to come. Visit official website for more details

Moreover, any type of decentralized Application can be generated on IOVO platform and each will be secure, reliable and transparent.
Every user will get two keys one public “as a user account” and second private key used for secure transactions.
In my opinion IOVO is going to be one of the most recognized database network in near future and it should be invested on by all from entire globe. So everyone must avail this opportunity and get token as soon as possible.


This venture will henceforth represent the backbone of digital community of users values. It will be a potential ecosystem where users will be rest assured of the protection of their values which has for so long been taken for granted and used despite disregarding the owners. So it’s time for everyone to spread their wings and fly with the benefits they are presented by IOVO. All they have to do is to fully be a part of the platform and the whole issues of the past.

Below are the links to the IOVO platform:

ANN thread:

Eth adresss: 0x3D17c00506572Bd93869D7818cE71Ae1822c139E

Bitcointalk username: qweryjkuyuymyum

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