Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome once again to my review on a project I found to be trending, viable with outstanding features and a mission to remodify cryptocurrency Exchanges, IOVO project will provide a 21st century solution to the numerous challenges lingering in the present day data management platform.


The basic use and consumption of data by the individual every day has been so high to the extent that, it becomes some peoples concern, and this made the European Commission came out with their prediction processes, that by the year 2020, the value of the EU personal data market will reach 1trillion euros. There is no doubt about this, for the digital processes has taking over the present world, a different transaction has now been made online, and losing interest in any form of physical transaction. Different individuals are now fond of digital processes, such as, doing their daily income works, assignment, seeking jobs, different hookup site, making of different transaction and more also the process of different trading has now full the digital world, and in which the modern world prefer, even to be saving their income through online processes. The issue of digital spread in our community ecosystem has giving way to the different marketing company, by making use of individual personal data on their own marketing processes, and in which the consumer has not been benefitting from the use of data, but instead at the loss part, whereas the different marketers and company are taking away their gain without their consent and any form of compensation.

It is on this background the IOVO project evolved to create a platform that will enable individuals manage their own data by themselves, the project also offers large advantages to market, such as; uniqueness of data collected, transparent & reliable: the circuit of data validation is guaranteed by the blockchain and Smart Contracts and easy accessibility from an interface.


IOVO is an abbreviation for Internet of Value OmniLedger. The project is perceived to be the first decentralized human value network which gives humans the power over the data they generate.

According to the WhitePaper; IOVO is a global open network database for storing and exchanging information based on any type of quantitative value assets.

The Iovo platform serves as a data management and scoring ledger by creating a universal, global decentralized ledger of all values created by humans. With Iovo, the complete control of data created is handed back to the data creators never again to be used by industries and platforms without the creator’s content

The new order of things is that there is now a link between data creators and data users so any data needed would be requested for from the data creators and the necessary processes would then take place. The proposed solution which the Iovo platform platform is bringing to the table as regards this data issue is that the nature of the Iovo platform is that it stores human value by accumulating personal data. The Iovo platform points towards the future of the human existence and the core of the human existence is the value created by humans.

How it Works

Core feature of IOVO is collecting and storing users’ data coming from applications build upon and based on the IOVO DAG (decentralised network) with no access possibility of other users/entities access without particular user’s consent. If the users agree upon accessing their statistics, they receive agreed renumeration (fee). Users decide how much of their data is made externally accessible to other parties, while keeping complete control over it. Each browsing action and each query requires a payment. IOVO serves as a personal data wallet. It builds a powerful universal database that allows unrestricted analysis opportunities.

The peer-to-peer nature of the IOVO network ensures that participants can access and join at any time, and immediately begin making transactions. A user becomes a transmitter of transactions, resulting in the transactions reaching validators, which in turn are verified by the validators including the smart contract feature of the blockchain, resulting in an incentivised network reward prices, all issued by the IOVO PoV (proof of value).

Usefulness of the IOVO platform

IOVO gives users full control over who can access their data. Individuals, researchers or companies spend tokens to access IOVO’s decentralized database, with these tokens being distributed amongst users whose shared data match the search criteria.

IOVO gives advertisers, companies, researches and other institutions access to broader and more accurate data than existing systems, while ensuring that users are respected and fairly rewarded.

IOVO’s decentralized structure also simplifies compliance, as companies no longer have to provide their own data storage and security.

IOVO provides a corrective to the recent problems in the growing data market by ensuring that the true value of human data is recognised and respected.

Usefulness of IOVO token
The IOVO token will be the core element used on for transaction on the IOVO network.

Token Sale and Token Information
The aim of the tokensale is to be able to raise fund that will be used for development of the proposed plans of the the IOVO platform. Below are the tokensale details;

Private sale started 25 October 2018 and will last until 1 December 2018.

Public sale starts in 20 December 2018 and will end in 31 December 2018.


FEB 2017

-IOVO concept development.

Q2-Q4 2017

-Team building and research.

Q3 2017-Q1 2018

-Documentation and whitepaper.

Q2 2018

-Marketing strategy.

-Tokensale preparation.

Q3 2018

-Private tokensale round.

-Public tokensale round.

-Simple node implementation.

Q3-Q4 2018

-Alpha version of IOVO node.

Q4 2018

-IOVO wallet implementation.

Q1 2019

-Alpha version of IOVO DAG.

Q2 2019

-dApp manifest/coin creation.

-Proof of value after testing.

Q3 2019

-Distributed system.

-dApp data assignment into IOVO blockchain.

-Data encription.

-Application integration frameworks.

-IOVO frameworks.

Q4 2019

-Integration of example applications.

-IOVO DAG launch/IOVO coin distribution to IOVO token holders.

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