At virtually every moment of our lives we generate an enormous amount of data and that the ownership of those quantitative values is a crucial element of our future freedom. However, this valuable data (that we generate, store, transfer and share, represents our human value. When we are denied access to the ownership of this data, we are robbed of its intrinsic value, and therefore our freedom to decide upon
its usage.

To understand consumer needs, data is required and most companies worldwide are in dire need of these data. This is why the Iovo Platform is churning out a global decentralized and crowdsourcing system built on the blockchain platform to enable a “100%” privacy, accurate and error-free data for the safe and clear market place. Unfortunately, the data economy is plagued with quite a number of problems such as inaccessibility of data users to required amount of data needed, circulation of fake and unauthentic data, and poor compensation for data producers. However, a blockchain based platform named Iovo has emerged to ease the bottlenecks experienced in the data utilization economy.

One of the major missions of Iovo is to have humans placed at the fore and center of the data ecosystem with accuracy and privacy.

As the need for accurate and decentralized data springs on daily basis, a need for a decentralized revolution of the data network becomes needed and necessary, Iovo then seeks to tackle the challenges of data ownership and data reliability by creating an ultra-scalable ecosystem that ensures that data is as accurate as possible attesting to the obvious fact that, data needs to be decentralized, disintermediated, and incentivized and accurate. Hence, Iovo rising collaborative solutions using the blockchain and smart contracts now make this mission impossible, possible.

Also, with the means of using “the dAPPS tool”, Iovo will be the first ever decentralized platform to revolutionize the data network generation freely and securely between data collectors and acquirers. Iovo’s aim is to create an ultra-scalable and highly reliable platform, so as to secure the relationship between both parties that is, the data collectors and acquirers.

Before the advent of blockchain technology there has been some problems affecting centralized platform such as insecurity, scalability, slow transaction lack of trust and transparency. These problems have gotten their ways into the online data platform in which this has affected the platforms in a lot of ways. Centralized data platform has recorded some hacks and attacks in which members data and personal information were lost in the process. Ever since the issue of lost data, member have been worrying about the security and safety of their data and information in the centralized platform in which these has forced majority of the users and members to withdraw and delete their data from the online centralized platform. This is part of the reasons why IOVO has developed and introduced a decentralized blockchain data platform which will help member’s security their data and personal information.


This is a Blockbuster innovation that is aimed at the internet of value for all the users of the internet. Since the introduction of the ledger system, many platforms have emerged to proffer solutions to majority of the world problems, but interestingly, this one is focusing on the protection of user’s data in their relationship with the net world. IOVO is bent to making the scenario such that, curators of data have the control and management of the details without any external interference or access. The internet is constantly growing and is known for its progressive evolution right from the days when it was first colonized by only bloggers to this present time that it can now be interconnected with many things and devices that can be used in our everyday life. Very soon, the internet will become a mobile robot with the totality of its functionalities embedded and being able to be infused in many objects to do the works that men find tedious or difficult. However, it is the function of this IOVO to incorporate web value and secure the users of the net. To make this possible, it has designed many infrastructures such as Tron (TRX) and some other decentralizing features that will ensure that the net which users surfs is well protected and highly decentralized.

IOVO has many blueprint layouts to achieve the solutions it proposes. It will put an end to the illegal collection of user’s personal info in the net and ensure their tracks cannot be traced just like it has always been done before. There will be no more data democratization whatsoever and the way they are being issued and distributed will be supervised by IOVO.


The IOVO platform will be built on different technological layers which would go a long way ensuring the accuracy, efficiency, security and flexibility of data collection going by the advanced and digital global community, the physical data generation and its exploitation is the backbone of IOVO’s ecosystem. Once the potential of the data platform is maximized, a positive turn up is sure to be achieved. Thus, paving the way to other parts of the digital economy, where the blockchain will preserve the independence
and the community will be free.


-Access to a comprehensive global database via data wallet.

-Monetization of owned data.

-Data security.

-Acquisition of more users.

-Unmodifiable history.


Through IOVO unique and innovative solution which has been estimated that by 2025, as much as 70% of all current and future global
markets will rely on blockchain and DAG technology. IOVO recognizes and stores human value by accumulating personal data. It makes data an exchangeable asset secured by the distributed global public ledger. The tools built on
the IOVO DAG (e.g., DAPPS) will allow individuals and communities to benefit
from all personal human capital that can be captured by personal data.

1. IOVO automates and facilitates the process of personal data monetization and management.

2. IOVO has capability of securing, collecting and storing data shared by users with the applications builds on the IOVO DAG.

3.IOVO gives data owner a total control over their data and prevents it being accessed by any other person without the permission of the data owners.

4.Data owners are able to generate reasonable funds through the help of IOVO platform when their data is being requested to be used or accessed by other people. Hence, given them total control on their data and charges to be paid for accessing their data’s.

5. IOVO gives users an opportunity to mine a coin anytime they approve a transaction and it’s been added to their value.









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