IOVO is the first decentralized platform which aims to give full access and control of data ownership to and its monetization to the real people generating the data. IOVO aims to promote and enhance human life and value through the use of blockchain technology on its data platform.

IOVO has put in measures to make data sharing easier through then adoption and introduction of DAPPs which has been a great and welcome development by members of the platform.

IOVO also seeks to change the data analogous paradigm to digital, so as to ensure that data generation will no longer exploited by large corporations. The decentralization that is enabled by Blockchain delimits the middlemen and directly connects users to data acquirers. This blockchain and smart contracts technologies would provide full transparency on how data is collected, verified, updated and guarantees the reward for the collectors and data owners.


The vast space of the net has become a center of convergence for majority of the world’s population due to its interconnective framework and the ability to reach out to a wider population. This has made some snitching internet-based companies or bodies to go about hunting for the details of every of the internet freaks due to the leverage it gives the advertising industry. Knowing fully well that the users of the internet are not quite observant of this, they are now being leveraged upon and monitored in their participation in any activity on the internet so as to gather so much about them that can be sold to the data hungry companies that require such info. With this going on, the credibility of the internet and the values of the users diminishes gradually without their consent. They now become vulnerable and less protected to the point that they now become victims of abuse and many unsolicited activities or ads that is being brought their way and all these begin with the illegal apprehension of the net users’ details.

One of the major ways in which users fall victim is through their engagement with Centralized Platforms that are very prune to this form of attack. The more users patronize them, the more they are being exploited. Now, the net that should be a well-structured and confidential place for all users to have their freewill and full confidentiality has now become an unsafe haven. Now a solution to these problems is sought and it is best deployed with the introduction of IOVO.

IOVO project has adopted the use of DAG approach to help with the security of DATA and bringing an end to the scalability issue facing the other DATA platform out there. It has been designed to be maintained in a fully distributed way which cannot disrupt the network as long as average of the nodes is working perfectly. Decentralization has help people a lot in this century because with decentralized platform people have more access and control over their data, funds and personal information in this is one of the features that will make IOVO to be the best and unique among other of its kind. Some Online platforms like Facebook, google, are some of the platform that have benefited from online data sharing.

Many of the platforms gathered the user’s data and sell to an end user’s companies which this has earned them huge amount of money and profits. Members and users of the online data platform need to make money and make profits from the chunks of data been shared rather giving it to underserved platform and people for free.


There is always a solution to any problem which is come across in ecosystem. Since generating a quality data becomes a difficult issue and attracts a serious setback in today’s ecosystem, Dataeum has come to put a better shape and difference by creating an ultra-scalable and highly reliable platform by using DAG, dAPPS and smart contracts being unique and innovative solution to collecting and securing a 100% of the world’s physical data.

Iovo will be the energy-drive and the first ever decentralized and collaborative network for data generation. This decentralized network will democratize access to data while rewarding those who generate it. Through Iovo’s crowdsourcing feature, a clear way would be paved for those who collect, collate and generate data to be rewarded. Data will then not be accessible for use via the centralized but within a decentralized marketplace, according to the different needs of each market player. It is however pertinent to know that:

IOVO gives users ownership and full control over their digital value and privacy, together with shifting data monetization processes from large data collecting organizations to the final user. The benefits of IOVO for users include:

-Data wallet and access to IOVO network.

-Data ownership.

-Data security and transparency.

-Data monetization.



IOVO is a peer-to-peer network in which users can join it at any time and in other to start making transactions. Every user connected to the Iovo and Dapps network acts as a transmitter of transactions. They are incharge of broadcasting incoming transactions to other nodes in the network. This is to enable every transaction to reach validators in a fraction of a second. The Validators in the other way are responsible for verifying the transactions as they come. They act as check and balance system as such as to check every transaction for correctness and run their smart contract code (if present). Validators are incentivized and motivated to participate in this verification process by the network rewards, which are distributed according to IOVO’s proof-of value (PoV) consensus algorithm, an extension of proof of stake (PoS).

In a centralized application network there is a central server (S) and clients B K) which communicate with it. These client devices include smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The IOVO DAG is a decentralized application network system where all users are equal. Therefore, all connections are distributed evenly between random nodes within the network. The clients still exist, but some nodes function as validators (V). On top of this network layer, all users can develop and implement decentralized apps dApp.


-20% of the total supply allocated to Smart drop
-10% Is Locked
-30% Allocated to private sale
-20% Allocated to Team & Advisory
-10% Allocated to Public Sale
-10% Allocated to Reserve.


-50% Allocated to Development
-15% Allocated to Marketing
-10% Allocated to Team
-5% Allocated to Administrative
-5% Allocated to IOVO Foundation
-10% Allocated to Business Development
-5% Allocated to Legal.










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