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We will provide Article to present the “ iOWN” project to potential platform participants and those who are interested in contributing to its development. The information listed below may not be complete and does not imply any contractual relationship. The main purpose is to provide information to everyone, so that they can determine whether they are willing to analyze the company with the intention of obtaining token or invest.
This Article is intended to present relevant information to potential purchasers (the “Purchasers”and each a “Purchaser”) in connection with the proposed offering for sale (“Token Sale”) by iOWN, an exempted company incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability (“the Company”), of cryptographic ERC-20 standard tokens named ‘iOWN Tokens’ (the “iOWN Tokens”) on the Ethereum blockchain. The Company is a subsidiary of iOWN Group Limited, an exempted company incorporated with limited liability in the Cayman Islands (“iOWN Group”).
iOWN is a Blockchain technology platform launched to serve as a remedy to such situations and to pave the way for both business owners and investors to meet in the digital market and increase their chances of securing funds and making smart investments, respectively.
iOWN aims at providing easy access for people to be part of running business (or promising startups) with minimum effort and maximum value. We aim at converting smart ideas to real businesses; we aim at providing digital support to business owners to enhance, expand and market their businesses enabling them to generate more funds and to share their success with everyone.
Risk management
Usually, security scares governments and financial regulators to limit a large number of the population from “playing” on the stock exchange. Despite the fact that the objective of the campaign have a higher chance of profit than to gamble. The higher the risk, the higher the return, and in the case of venture capital, the return can be 10–100 times greater. However, unlike gambling, investing allows you to own shares of companies, which is an additional advantage.
Investor training
Another reason why investments are considered too risky for individual investors is that stock selection can be a complex process and a poorly balanced portfolio can lead to investor losses. However, it is also no secret that Fund managers invest their money in a passive index Fund, which is a small portfolio of all s&P 500 companies. A passive strategy may initially offer less potential profit in volatile markets. However, it provides tax benefits and reduces costs overall, and effectively outperforms actively managed portfolios. The question is: does the retail investor lack the knowledge necessary to join this market, or are we deprived of high return on investment opportunities due to several decades of lobbying?
Cost reduction
To join the market, you often need to contact a broker who will require a Commission and a minimum investment amount. Many old-school brokers require at least $ 10,000 in initial investment with significant transaction costs and taxes, which creates a high entry barrier. There are also mutual funds designed to bring together retail investors to buy a common portfolio, but they also usually require a fairly significant investment of $ 3,000 or more. One way to solve this problem across the industry will be to digitize the company’s assets and shares and divide them into smaller and more affordable units using blockchain technology. Many companies already issue their shares in the form of tokens or represent the company’s capital and asset ownership in the form of smart contracts. This allows users to buy stocks and invest with small amounts.


iOWN tackles the problem in a two-pronged fashion: a digital Blockchain-powered Platform and a comprehensive Ecosystem. The twin concept will modernize and simplify investment opportunities through a decentralized marketplace accessible by all kinds of users (from trading beginners to experts) and business owners all over the world. To that end, we have classified the process of execution to the following parts:
  • iOWN Platform — the core system and central place for business campaigns, fundraising and governance. The platform fund will be raised through a global funding campaign, and as a reward to iOWN Platform funders, all participants will have the opportunity to use their purchased tokens to benefit from Platform services after its release.
  • iOWN Ecosystem — the Ecosystem will address the execution of iOWN Platform services. Users can access the platform and select the service (s) they are interested in. iOWN Ecosystem will then digitally and physically execute the transactions and deliver the service outcomes to users in the form of uOWN Tokens and Smart Agreement. The uOWN Token is passive, nontransferable, unlimited supply Token that does not have tradable API keys. It is issued by the iOWN Ecosystem and represents the rights to receive the revenue from a Business campaign.
How To Work 


The iOWN Platform is a marketplace where users can choose from the various investment options listed on the platform. The users will be able to use the iOWN Tokens to access the aforementioned service offering of the iOWN Platform and benefit from other services in the iOWN Platform. The iOWN Platform shall provide its users information and details about the various options available on it.


The platform employs the following modules:
  1. iOWN Website/Mobile App
  2. Platform Database/Campaign Catalog
  3. Public Exchange Communication API
  4. Platform API
  5. iOWN Wallets
  6. Blockchain API
  7. iOWN Oracle
  8. iOWN KYC
  9. iOWN ODR



Based on our extensive business and financial plan, we have decided to release a limited supply of 450,000,000 iOWN Tokens — price will be $0.01
Token Alocation 
Initial and continued development of Blockchain, Smart contracts, Application and securing the platform.


Legal and Compliance
Legal and regulatory ongoing development to align with business development.


Exchange listing
Register iOWN Token in reputable Exchanges.


Global Marketing Campaigns, sales funds to offer and promote company services.


Liquidity reserve to support token price.


Continues research and development to catch up with rapid market changes.


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