IQeon a stage play beginning suburbanised that allows the Players scholarly accomplishments and achievements in elective recreations. This can be an outrageously outstanding not for the essential time ever a stage that Enables the players to frame accomplishments inside the amusement.
What’s more, furthermore this stage may make the players amusement get digital money from his accomplishments inside the diversion, particularly IQeon itself which might be changed for banknotes and cash like option crypto btc ltc eth and elective to a great degree consideration snatching and IQeon stage Additionally utilizes a horrendously sensible level of security with the assurance Blockchain which won’t be traded off.

The global market for mobile smart games is $ 4.9 billion. According to some researchers, games where it is necessary to apply intelligence occupy the first place in terms of the amount of time spent and the 3rd place in terms of the number of downloads and active users. This proves a colossal prospect in this direction. In the market are not common solutions, with the help of which you can, playing in intellectual games, get as a win real (fiat) money.

To date, 97% of gamers do not have the ability to monetize their achievements in the gameplay. The remaining 3% attempt monetization in the following ways:

specialized services and auctions (20%);
thematic forums (12%);
direct arrangements between players (8%);
“Gray” exchanges (3%);

The remaining 57% of attempts to monetize can not be realized because of account blocking by developers or fraud, which leads to the loss of all virtual achievements. What problems does Iqeon see and solve? There are no solutions on the market that allow organizing PvP competitions with fixing conditions and automatic payment of winnings to the winner. Game scenarios of IQeon platform applications allow players to enter into a dispute between themselves by betting in IQeon on a certain achievement or event. The system will pay the winnings to the winner automatically. The authors of content for intelligent games do not have the ability to monetize their work without serious investments in the development of technology solutions, for example, mobile applications. Based on the SDK platform IQeon will implement an application designer,Receiving payments in mobile games and applications through the App Store and Google Play is associated with large commissions (30%). The total commission for exchanging IQeon tokens (IQN) in fiat money will not exceed 10%. The earnings of developers on in-game purchases are one-off. The

IQeon platform allows the developer to earn money from each bet. As already noted, IQeon is a platform, and therefore there will not be one game on it, but a huge variety of them, but there will be a single internal currency that users will receive when they play games. The currency will be called “IQN”. At the moment, IQeon is collecting funds, which means that it can already be purchased at a very favorable price. Currently, the second stage of pre-sale of IQN tokens is in progress.

The use of Ethereal blockchain

Block system technology guarantees responsibleness and obscurity of all Payment transactions within the system IQeon, and token IQeon on its own in Accordance with ERC20 standards.



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