IQEON SOLUTION for the GAMERS (use thy ability to earn money)

In this article we will discuss a very innovative project which is about the game, in this project is not just an ordinary game. Breakthrough or new ideas that made the game is decentralized. Now this is an awful lot of games game just a game only and do not produce anything, just to fill his free time alone. In addition to this game is identical with only used for leisure or for mere entertainment.

IQEON gives a new idea or innovation in the world of games, i.e. games that createsa decentralized. The purpose of IQEON is the game, the players don’t just play, namely par game player could make money or income with that game. This certainly depends on the quality or ability and dexterity game player, the better the ability his game play, the more the income anyway.

With the Iqeon system created this, certainly not anyone feels in shallot trade disadvantaged if one player loses the game.


1. IQEON providing an appreciation on the makers of games, namely by providing services or salaries for the makers of the game. For earnings in the get hung with a user or kulatitas a game created by game makers do. For the game player revenue obtained in accordance with the capabilities of game player.

2. IQEON have created a game that could’ve been played via smart phone. Games can be directly used with only download in google APPS play or store. Iqeon has created some very fun game to play.

3. IQEON make a game that decentralized, so the users for security or game player, very on the treasure.

4. IQEON have a platform and create a token (IQN). Token (IQN) that there can be in use for investment to IQEON, or use to game the process, namely by giving a bet when the Player did match games.

5. Bonus, IQEON gives a bonus to the player of the game who have a level of intelligence or more agility. This bonus can only be used in one game only.

6. Revenue for the developer. On the Iqeon developer will earn or profit if the players can find a game to play against each other, or. The results of 12%, 6% for iqeon development, 6% for developers.

The process of gaming on iqeon :

1. The players already have a wallet on Iqeon. All users or players require to have a wallet on IQEON, i.e. by registering on the web IQEON

2. The players also had the token (IQN), which can be used. For token users can buy or invest by buying token IQN token exchange with Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and LTC

3. The player has determined what will be in game play. The game player should download first game will Play in the Store or APPS store, and studied the game like what it used to be, after that play the game if it can or is adept at playing, so the potential to win.

4. Player 1 and player 2, determine how the betting game for once. The bet is the IQN token, both players must agree to the large number of token that will be in the League.

5. The results of the second player will bet on collect by IQEON. To ensure the security of the IQN token used to bet, then the token in the manage by IQEON.

6. after the game then the player that WINS will earn a total of 88% of the jumplah bet. It is with the details i.e. If number of interbank players betting player 1 (500 IQN) player 2 (500 IQN) of the total number of 1000 token IQN, obtained by the winner of the game is 880 token IQN.

7. For the remainder of the bet which amounted to 12%, used for bonuses from developer 6% and 6% for bonus platform. Details of the token is. If the total bet 1000IQN then 12% = 120 IQN. Of the token (120IQN) is used for bonus 60 IQN, Platform and developer bonus 60 IQN.



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