IQeon is an infrastructure that allows integration of games, applications and services based on intelligent competition among users, as well as applications and services for motivation.

IQeon is the first platform where players can earn money thanks to their intelligence and achievements.
This will happen because IQeon tokens are issued based on Ethereal blockchain.
IQeon tokens can be exchanged freely on existing crypto stocks, or transferred to paper money to MasterCard.

Intelligent Market Games and Problems

The global mobile smart gaming market reached 4.9 billion dollars.
According to research by SurveyMonkey Intelligence in the field of gaming and mobile apps, intelligent games and puzzle games take:
The first place with the amount of time spent in the game, each active user spends an average of more than 1 hour in a month.
Third place among other game genres with the number of downloads.
Third place with the number of active users.

Sales Token:

Pre-sale tokens

Starting on 15, 2017 and ending on the 24th, 2017 An acceptable payment is ETH.
Number of tokens sold 500,000 token exchange rates IQN 1 ETH = 700 IQEON and Minimum number of transactions is 3 ETH.

Official Token Sales

Starting from January 30, 2018 to March 13, 2018, Token purchases can be paid by using ETH, BTC, LTC. The maximum achievement of the Authorized Sales is 20,000 ETH.
Number of tokens sold 6,500,000 with token exchange rate IQN 1 ETH = 325 IQEON and Minimal number of transactions 0.1 The maximum number of transactions is unlimited.

And Ecosystems of IQeon are as follows:

Travel Maps:

The origin of the IQeon platform idea. Development of concepts and business plans.

Attractive investment of $ 300,000. IQ Clash OU company registration. Team building

Attractions advisory Development of IQeon mock-up platform. Technical audit

Development of the IQeon ecosystem partnership model. Trade inquiries Agreement with partner banks. Development of IQ Clash API. Starting from platform development. Start the establishment of ecosystem (more than 30 partners).

Preparation for ICO. Smart contract development for IQN token release. PreICO and ICO do. Continue platform development. Continuation of ecosystem establishment (more than 100 partners).

Development of IQeon API IQeon web application development. API IQeon API and IQ Clash API testing. New IQ Clash application development. List of IQN tokens on crypto-currency stock. Starting from marketing campaigns to attrac

Integration platform with Ethereal blockade. Development of IQeon blockchain control subsystem. IQeon API integration with partner apps Release of beta platform. Begin development of IQeon wallet.

Launch of platform and IQeon platforms. MasterCard debit card issues Continuity of active marketing campaigns to attract end users.

Further ecosystem development (2000+ partners, 45+ IQ Clash applications, 2.5 million active users). Development of IQeon SDK.

IQeon SDK release The development of additional game mechanics. Partner engagement to develop new SDK-based applications.

Implementation of AI technology in IQeon API and IQeon SDK. The addition of new mechanics using AI to the list of game mechanics.

Development of game mechanics using AR / VR technology. Integration with IQeon API app for PS, Xbox, etc.

Further IQeon ecosystem development (10,000 partners, 150 IQ Clash apps, 15,000,000 active users).

IQeon Token

Token Type: ERC20
Symbol: IQN
Platform: Ethereum
Token Release: 10,000,000 IQN

Permainan Pasar yang Cerdas dan Masalahnya

Pasar game pintar mobile global mencapai 4,9 miliar dolar.
Menurut penelitian oleh SurveyMonkey Intelligence di bidang game dan aplikasi mobile, permainan cerdas dan permainan puzzle mengambil:

⚝Tempat pertama dengan jumlah waktu yang dihabiskan dalam permainan, setiap pengguna aktif menghabiskan rata-rata lebih dari 1 jam dalam sebulan.

⚝Tempat ketiga di antara genre permainan lainnya dengan jumlah unduhan.

⚝Tempat ketiga dengan jumlah pengguna aktif.

Dan Ekosistem dari IQeon adalah sebagai berikut :



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