In today’s world, the gaming industry is developing very quickly. Now, innovations have begun to see to it that players do not just play games and play them. Almost no game gives players a chance to succeed. I believe that their achievements should be respected, and they should be rewarded for this. Now I want to talk about innovations that will allow you to make money using the minds of players to finish the game.
IQeon is a PvP gaming platform that allows players to earn real money after their success. IQeon is an infrastructure for providing applications and services for motivation, as well as integrating games, applications and other services based on smart competition between users. Some of the goals that should be developed in this project are:
1. Further development of the IQeon platform
2. Creation of ecosystems IQon
3. Create viewers from the application platform for game users
4. Establish partnerships with game developers and game content for platforms
5. Developing the correct IQ Clash game line on the platform.

IQeon platform:

The IQeon platform focuses on various applications for self-development, logical games and discussions in PvP. Scenarios developed for applications that will be implemented on this platform will continue to be added to the platform development process and every day:
Motivation and self-improvement scenarios: in this scenario, it is assumed that two players, such as player A, bet that they will do certain things, such as weight loss in kilograms, lessons or basketball shots.
Scenarios of disputes in PvP: this scenario is similar to the previous scenario, but in such scenarios there may be inconsistencies in any case, such as sports events, election results or the Eurovision movement.
Scenarios for training applications. This scenario applies to existing and new educational services for educational purposes, such as training courses, foreign language training. Lessons usually consist of theoretical information, sound recording, video clips and tests for interactive tasks and intermediate checks.
Game scenario: this scenario is based on the application of the game field in practice. The game room must participate in the room during a series of actions performed by players of the player’s logical sequence. The amount of the deposit is a prize fund with the cost of the platform and developer’s gift, and then distributed among the players first.
Expanded scenarios: after the launch of the platform, the IQeon team plans to expand the gameplay scenarios using modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Artificial neural networks with artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence will be used to develop algorithms for self-learning to generate logical tasks. VR or Virtual Reality, the competition will expand the IQeon platform with games that will use virtual reality.
IQ Clash API. The IQeon team has developed the IQ Clash API for using games based on game room scenarios, and the first IQ Clash Intelligent Battles application can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

Advantages of the IQeon platform:

The IQeon team has developed a flexible and scalable platform to accelerate the transition to a new product market, which allows players to support themselves in several intellectual and logical tasks. In addition, since this is a motivating application for developing the IQeon platform, it is important for education, sports and a healthy lifestyle.
The IQeon platform has many advantages:
Technical advantage: The    guaranteed Blockchain technology can be used for this token using the IQeon system used by the ERC20 standard.
Advantages for game / content developers: developers can deduct the cost of making developer fees with Google Play and the Apple Store.
Advantage for players:    Players can use the built-in currency received in one slot with IQeon in their wallets, and Fiat can be transferred to MasterCard, earning money.
Advantage for investors:    participation of the developer in the partner system used in the IQen platform will increase the visibility of the user and the demand for IQeon

IQeon Token:

IQeon Tokens will be launched on the Ethereum platform and will fully comply with the ERC20 standard. This support standard, third-party purse, exchange, list, etc.  It guarantees the compatibility of the token with the services. In addition, the use of IQeon tokens is not limited to the platform ecosystem. After the start, the IQeon token platform will be available for purchase and sale of crypto currency.
First name – IQEON
Type of the token – ERC20
Sembol – IQN
Platform – Etereum
Total issue – 10,000,000 IQN
Pre-sale tokens
The beginning is December 15, 2017.
The end is December 24, 2017.
Currency – ETH
Number of tokens to send – 500 000 IQN
Exchange rate of tokens – 1 ETH = 700 IQEON
The minimum transaction amount is 3 ETH
Token distribution:
65% of sales of tokens
12% project team
10% bonus background
6% of partners and consultants
% 5 toke pre-sale
% 2 Bounty
Fund allocation:
60% of platform development
25% marketing and advertising
8% of operating expenses
4% legal fees
3% of other fees
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