IQeon is a decentralized gaming PvP platform that allows players to earn real (Fiat) money for their achievements. IQeon provides an infrastructure that enables the integration of games, applications, and services based on intelligent competitions between users, as well as applications and services .

Objectives of the project:

  1. · Further development of the IQeon platform;
  2. · Creating an IQeon ecosystem;
  3. · Educate the target audience of dedicated platform applications and gaming users;
  4. · Forming partnerships with game developers and game content for the Platform;

· Development of a series of IQ Clash games based on the platform.

Purposes of the platform

IQeon Team is developing a flexible and scalable platform for rapidly launching new products that allow players to compete among themselves for a variety of smart and logical tasks, and to get IQeon’s internal currency for the best results.
Another direction for the development of the IQeon platform are motivating applications.
This direction is particularly important in education, sport and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Often people do not have enough inner motivation to study specific material.
Advantages of the platform for players

Advanced situation
The IQeon team plans to expand the list of game eventualities exploitation trendy technologies, like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR/AR (Virtual / increased Reality) once the launch of the platform.
AI supported neural networks can use a perpetually rising self-learning rule for creation and generation of logical tasks.
VR/AR can add the games with contests enforced in computer game to the IQeon platform.

Mobile games and world market applications

The ascent within the variety of mobile devices inevitably ends up in Associate in Nursing increasing variety of mobile apps and game users. in line with Newzoo 2017 world Mobile Market Report, as in early 2017, the amount of smartphone users exceeded a pair of.3 billion, or thirty first of the world’s total population. By 2020, this
will reach three.6 billion.
The mobile recreation market is that the largest section of the world recreation market, by 2017, by forty second and by 2020, mobile / game app users can grow by five hundredth and in financial terms to $ sixty two.3 billion.
The problems of mobile intelligent games market and IQeon’s solutions:
Market Games and issues
The worldwide moveable keen recreation market achieved four.9 billion bucks.
As per inquire regarding by SurveyMonkey Intelligence within the field of recreation and moveable applications, smart amusements and bewilder recreations take:
*The before of the remainder of the competition with the live of your time spent within the diversion, each dynamic shopper spends a traditional of over one hour in an exceedingly month.
*Third place among different diversion types with variety of downloads.
*The third place with the amount of dynamic purchasers.

Token Functions
-bets and remunerations in game rooms and disputes.
-remuneration for a particular activity (player of the day, player of the month, etc.)
-payment of game developers’ remuneration.
-payment of remuneration to digital content copyright house owners.
-payment of remuneration for partner programs.

Token Information
*Name: IQeon Token
*Type: ERC20
*Ticker symbol: IQN
*Platform: Ethereum
*General release: ten,000,000 IQN

Token Sale
Start : January 8, 2018
End : January 15, 2018
Acceptable currencies : ETH, BTC
Number of tokens purchasable : 800,000 IQN (8%)
Tokens rate of exchange : one ETH = 550 IQN
Minimal group action quantity : one ETH

About IQeon tokens

Token Type: ERC20
Icon: IQN
Platform: Ethereum
Token Release: 10,000,000 IQN
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