IQeon – Game Platform Designed to Monetize Players (ICO)

About IQeon


IQeon is a unique ecosystem that unites all types of games and applications, as well as services. Its meaning is to provide the intellectual competence of users. Every competition has an absolutely transparent structure, all conditions are absolutely unchanged and reliable. This is possible because of the unique intelligent contract mechanism, backed by Ethereum’s chain of blocks. The creators also launched the IQeon token at its base.

Naturally, everyone uses their time and potential in different ways: someone is working hard, someone is watching movies and series. The IQeon system offers a unique opportunity: winning games and using mobile applications. In other words, you win crypto coins using your IQ.

IQeon already has its own IQclash application, which is already very popular and generates revenue for thousands of users. In addition, users can test more than 200 applications from platform partners, with a total audience of more than 1 000 000 people. All this provides unlimited opportunities to invest and win, combining this with active intelligence development.

The project team developed a flexible and scalable platform for the rapid launch of new products. Among them are creating internal virtual currency. In addition, the project will also be developed in the field of motifasi applications, i. e. in the fields of education, sports, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Project Objectives


  • Continuous platform development
  • Ecosystem formation
  • Forming an audience of users involved in platform applications and games
  • Formation of alliances with game developers and game content developers for the platform
  • The development of a line of patented IQ Clash games based on the platform.


Token Iqeon Benefits for User / Player


  1. IQeon’s internal currency, obtained in one game, can be used anywhere else.
  2. Some cardiac encryption exchanges, IQeon tokens can be exchanged for other cryptographic currencies (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, etc.).
  3. Tokens can be exchanged for banknotes and sent to debit cards using your own platform wallet.
  4. Blockchain technology and intelligent contracts ensure that each player’s terms and conditions are registered and unchanged and that they guarantee a winning payment to fight fraud.
  5. Anonymity, the platform allows players to remain anonymous.


Token Iqeon Benefits for Developers


  1. The availability of APIs that enable rapid integration of your products into existing ecosystems.
  2. The use of IQeon tokens is consistent with App Review App App App Store and Google Play Developer Policy.
  3. Reduced cost to withdraw 30% of Google Play and Apple Store fees to only 10% off
  4. Tokens are easily converted into any currency.

Advantages of the Investor Platform

  1. Games and applications for the field of self-development show rapid growth, and the IQeon platform is the first solution in this area that allows players to receive revenue in the form of liquid cryptodynamics.
  2. The partnership system developed, the involvement of external developers in the IQeon ecosystem, and the expansion of its own product line will generate increased user audience growth and increased demand for IQeon tokens.
  3. These facts should ensure the growth of the token’s value, which can be bought at the lowest price during the Crowdsale period.


Platform Description


The platform focuses on the range of applications for self-development, logic games and PvP disputes. The following are the scenarios developed for the applications that will be implemented on the platform.

  • Motivation and self-development scenario
  • PvP Dispute Scenario
  • Scenario for educational applications
  • Scenario of puzzles using game rooms

About the Token and ICO


Symbol: IQN

Platform: Ethereum

Type: ERC20

Total supply: 10,000,000

Token symbolic offer: 30 January 2018 – 13 March 2018 (Tariff 1 ETH = 325 IQEON)



Vadim Dovguchits, CEO (CEO)

Igor Podlesny, CSO (Strategy Director)

Pavel Kazimirenko, CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

Samoilo Alexander, Financial Consultant

Alexander Pavlov, COO (Director of Operations)

Roman Glushchuk, Representative in the United States and Canada

Alexander Paramonov, CLO (Legal Director)

Mikhail Larchanka, Blockchain Developer

Latfulin del Este, CMO (Director of Marketing)

Denis Tolstashov, Head of Mobile Development

Dmitri Markevich, Intelligent Contract Developer

Anastasia Petrenko, PM / BA (Project Manager, Business Analyst)

Pavel Sakun, Software Development Engineer

Paul Moukhin, Digital Marketing Strategist

Vitalik Lagutik, Community Coordinator

Advisory Board

Richard Dilendorf, Business Consultant, Mining Expert

Genadijs Dola, Financial Consultant

Maksim Halinouski, PMO / ICO Expert / Blockchain Expert – BESK Commerce

Vyacheslav Fedorov, Counsellor

Aleksejs Cepulskis, Counsellor







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