IQeon ICO Review

IQeon is a decentralized gaming PvP platform, which allows players to earn real (fiat)money on their achievements.

IQeon represents an infrastructure that will allow the integration of games,applications and services based on intelligent competitions between users, as well asapplications and services for motivation. This is not a strange thing for the first time a platform that players can reach in the game. and also this platform can be made player currency goalkeeper achievements in the game itself IQeon, which for paper money and crypto currency like BTC LTC eth and the other is not interesting and IQeon platform can also be used to swap the security level is very good with security blockchain that can not be hacked.

The gaming and applications market is booming with there being no sign of it slowing down any time soon, and that is the market that this platform is aiming to enter with the launch of their gaming and application based blockchain and cryptocurrency. As with many digital currencies, on the face of it they are not doing anything different from other similar currencies out there but that doesn’t mean that they can’t prove successful and they seem to offer some key advantages over some of their competitors.

The overall aim, as set out by the creators themselves, is to provide a platform which is not only accessible but also very easy to scale by anybody that is seeking to launch a brand new product that will permit players to effectively compete with one another in a range of tasks that include both logic and intelligence. The players are then rewarded with Iqeon tokens depending on their own individual results.

At the same time, the creators of the project also state that there will be the ability to create apps that are motivational in nature with a particular preference for those apps that encourage individuals to partake in a healthier lifestyle. At first, this does appear as if they have two main prongs to their reason for existing but they are ultimately seeking to tap into two very distinct markets that are both very powerful in their own rights.

However, it is certainly the gaming platform that is their main focus of attention.

The Technical Aspect of the platform

Operating via a decentralized blockchain and built on the Ethereum platform, Iqeon offers a player v player platform with the ability to earn money as a direct result of their achievements.

They use the blockchain along with Smart Contracts to ensure that the game between players, and then the end result cannot be disputed due to the fact that the blockchain cannot be altered. Also, this does mean that the players are aware that they will indeed be rewarded with their tokens as that is also enshrined in the contract between both parties.

The blockchain is also the place whereby the terms and conditions of the individual game are recorded as this also means that it is difficult for anybody to argue against a game later on. Of course, all of this does mean that it reduces the chances of any fraud occurring thanks to the transparency of the blockchain to everyone that is involved with all transactions also being recorded with Ethereum’s smart contracts.

In addition, the creators state that they will also allow third-party creators and developers to establish new apps that then use the Iqeon token as the currency of choice. It should also be stated that the token can then be exchanged on a number of digital currency exchanges for either other cryptocurrencies or there is the option to convert back into a Fiat currency. For the company, this ability to play games and then transfer it into real money in the real world is going to be a huge selling point for them.

Their Ecosystem.

The ecosystem for Iqeon shows us the various stages that transactions must go through. First, there is the Iqeon API which leads to the different applications and games that are available via their platform. Also, that entire platform is built upon the Iqeon blockchain subsystem which, in turn, is formulated from the Ethereum blockchain and gives access to any Ethereum based digital wallet for the tokens. This then links via the exchanges to the bank account of the individual who wishes to cash out for real currency.

The Advantages of the Token.

There are a number of advantages when it comes to the token behind the platform and the main advantage has to be the way in which the individual is able to get that reward for their actions and see it in real currency. Of course, taking into account the security of being built on the Ethereum platform and the way in which the blockchain virtually eliminates the chances of fraud or cheating in the game from a certain perspective is also going to prove to be important.

However, it should also be noted that the mobile gaming market is worth billions so it makes sense that only being able to achieve a small percentage of that market, and their apps already have hundreds of thousands of downloads, can equate to the value of the token continuing to rise.

* Betting and remuneration within the games area and disputes;

* Remuneration surely activities (player currently, players this month, etc.);

* Payment of remuneration of game developer;

* Payment of remuneration to the owner of the copyright of digital content;

* Payment of remuneration to the partner program.

* As for the small print of the ICO IQeon i.e.

As we can see, from the graph above shows that 5% of total supply will be allocated to Token Pre-sale (1st round), 8% will be allocated to Tokens Pre-sale (2nd Round), 57% will be allocated to Core phase of tokens sale, 6% will be allocated to Partners and advisors, 12% will be allocated to project team, 2% will be allocated to bounties, 10% will be allocated to Bonus fund.


Tokentyp: ERC20

Symbol: IQN

Plattform: ETHERAUM

Token Release: IQN


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