IQEON, Let’s Earn Money With You Intelligence

The idea of the name of IQEON is “iQ” is “intelligence quotient”, “EON” is a concept of the philosophy of ancient Greece, epoch meaning, immortality, generation.

IQeon on PvP game platform is decentralization, which can make players to get real cash (fiat) on their accomplishments.

IQeon is the first platform where players can earn money thanks to their intelligenceand achievements.

Problems Of Mobile Intelligent Games Market

  • Solution, with the help of which you can play games of intellectual, you will get as a real victory (at) money are not widely used on the market.

Ratio of attempts to monetize virtual achievements depending on the method

IQeon give solutions this problem by usingIQeon game currency. Earned IQeon whe transferred to the user’s personal account of the platform is exchanged for IQeon tokens, which can then be freely purchased and sold at the cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • There is no market solution pengoganisasian PvP competitions, and payment of benefits automatically on a winner

Game scenarios of IQeon platform applications allow players to enter into a dispute between themselves by placing a bet in IQeon on a certain achievement or event. The system will automatically pay the gain to the winner.

  • Creator of the idea of the intelegent gamenot to make money, without a serious investment in the development of technology solutions,

An application designer based on the IQeon SDK platform will be implemented. With its help, game content developers will be able to create new applications based on existing scenarios and game mechanics with minimal effort.

  • Receive great Commission Revenues from mobile games and applications via the App Store and Google Play (30%).

The total commission for exchangingIQeon tokens (IQN) in fiat money will not exceed 10%.

  • The developers receive one-time earning for in-game purchases.

IQeon platform allows the developer to earn money from each bet. The platform uses the following system of charges and rewards: players who want to make a bet or “fight” in one of the games, place equal bets (for example, 500 IQeon). The amount of bets makes 1000 IQeon, 88% of which comprises a prize fund, that the winner will receive, and 12% (120 IQeon) is the platform’s fee. 50% of the platform’s fee is paid to the developer as a reward.
  • Bonuses and game points received in one game cannot be used in other games.

IQeon platform give solutions this problem by the possibility of exchanging the local currency forIQeon (IQN) tokens. Through the platform user’s private account, the internal currency on the balance of any game or platform application can be converted to IQeon (IQN) tokens and vice versa.

HOW we can work with iQeon ????

InIQeon we can use the internal currency in ekosistim IQeon, which could in time when convection with currencies crypto-Token IQeon (IQN) is issued based on the Ethereum blockchain.IQeon (IQN) can be exchanged freely in cryptocurrency which there are exchanges, or transferred to fiat money on cards MasterCard thanks to establish cooperation with the bank. After that we can use the tokken IQeon “IQN” for gaming. LETS BUY TOKEN IQeon “CLICK HERE “

This is the IQeon ecosystem

From the picture below it’s obvious rule to join IQeon and his penggunanan for anything. In addition we can choose what we want. Example: If you want to focus on the gaming game just choose what we want.

Comunity of iQeon Gaming

All aplication can download at GOOGLEPLAY and APP STORE


  • Token Name : IQEON
  • 1 ETH = 550 IQN (instead of 325 IQN)
  • Symbol : IQN
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • General Release : 10,000,000 IQN


Tokens pre-sale (Round 2)

  • Start invest: January 8, 2018 (9:00 AM UTC)
  • End invest : January 15, 2018 (9:00 AM UTC)

Main offer of tokens

  • Start invest : January 30, 2018
  • End invest : March 13, 2018




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