IQeon-lets you earn because of his intelligence and accomplishments of other games.

IQeon-lets you earn because of his intelligence and accomplishments of other games.

What Is IQeon

IQeon is a platform game that lets players earn the decentralized achievement an intellectual that they get in the game more. It is not unusual for the first time a platform that the player can achieve in the game. and also this platform can be made currency players are goalkeeper achievements in the game itself IQeon, the crypto paper and money for money like BTC LTC eth, and others are not interesting and IQeon platform can also be used to swap security level is very well with blockchain security that cannot be hacked.

IQeon is not just a platform, but also the entire ecosystem, including application and content developers, platform partners and millions of users. Internal economic ecosystems can’t exist without its own currency, the role performed by IQeon (IQN) sign. IQeon (IQN) token will be released upon Ethereum platform and fully compliant with the Standard ERC20. Support this standard ensures compatibility with thirdparty Service token (wallet, Exchange, list, etc.), and provides easy integration with this service. Ethereum platform fully supports the concept of integrated soliditas blessing Dapps language to write smart contracts that will be used to perform a number of functions within the payment transaction platform (IQeon, fix the term dispute, paying from the victory and the prize.

The Purpose Of The Project:

continue the development of the platform ecosystem IQeonpembentukan IQeon formation of the audience user application and platform game that involved the formation of a partnership with game developer and game content for the platformpengembangan line of proprietary Clash IQ game based on the platform.

Benefits and opportunities:

IQeon is the first online platform IQeon is an infrastructure which integrating games, applications and services based on the intellectual competition between users, as well as motivational games and applications. IQeon is a settlement in the place of a shared ecosystem between the user happens upon blockbuster Ethereal.

Excellence platform for creators of game/content:

Ready infrastructure developed for the introduction of its own payment products based on crypto currency. The use of the IQeon token does not conflict with the guidelines Review the App Store and the Google Developers Play Policy. The reduction of commissions for withdrawals cost developers (from 30% Google Apple Store and Play up to 10%). Additional gaming audience in their own products. The presence API, which allows you to integrate your product quickly into the ecosystem. The availability of the SDK for rapid deployment of new applications. The advantages of a platform for players:

The advantages of the platform for investors:

Game industry and application for self development showed rapid growth, and the IQeon platform is the first solution in this field allowing the player receives income in the form of liquid currency crypto. The partnership developed systems, involvement of third-party developers in the ecosystem IQeon and expansion of its product line alone will cause an increase in the number of users and the increase in demand will be the token IQeon. This fact must ensure the growth of the value of the IQeon token, which can be purchased at the lowest price during the period Crowdsale.

Token IQeon

IQeon is not just a platform, but the entire ecosystem, including both application developers and content partners, platform and millions of users. Internal economic ecosystem can not exist without its own currency, whose role will be performed by IQeon (IQN) token

Token sales

Pre-Sale (PreICO)

  • Starting time: December 16, 2017
  • End: December 25, 2017
  • Accepted Eye: ETH, BTC
  • the number of tokens for sale: 500,000 IQN
  • just swap the mark: 1 ETH = 700 IQEON
  • the minimum transaction amount: 3 ETH

Public sales (ICO)

  • Start date: January 30, 2018
  • Ends: March 13, 2018
  • Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC
  • The maximum number of collections: 20,000 ETH
  • The number of tokens which sold 6.5 million IQN:
  • Token exchange rates: 1 ETH = 325 IQEON
  • Min. number of transactions: 0.1 ETH
  • Max. Transaction amount: unlimited.

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