Qeon was the first decentralized gaming platform where players can make money in accordance with the intelligence and their accomplishments. This will be identified by the use of internal currency in IQeon ecosystems, which at any time can be converted into the currency of the crypto token IQeon (IQN) issued on the basis of blockchain Ethereal. IQeon (IQN) tokens can be exchanged for free in existing crypto exchanges, or moved to the banknotes on the recognition MasterCard card against the established partnerships with banks. IQeon denotes an organization that allows the integration of games, applications and services based on intelligent competition between users, as well as applications and services for motivation.

IQeon is the game PvP (Player vs. Player) it allows Players can earn IQeon and get IQeon TOKENS for them. They are based on the Ethereum blockchain(decentralized platform for blockchain projects) and can be transferred to external crypto exchange websites and traded for other cryptocurrencies which can be sold for FIAT money (dollar, euro and etc)
Besides earning potential, gamers will also gain a new challenge, since there is real money involved, everyone will be giving their 150% and that will make an exciting game of fun and adrenalin, Where users can play their favorite game.

This platform is specialized in organizing a game of intellectual argument, PvP, motivational challenges while participants to bet with each other and the conditions of the bet is automatically written in Blockchain, it will be very profitable and make it easier for the players.


  1. The Objective that means Of The Platform
    The team of IQeon has developed a versatile and scalable platform to hurry up the launch of a brand new product that permits players to their own compete between a sort of tasks that square measure intelligent and logical. and conjointly commands can settle for currency internal for the simplest results. thus too within the development of the IQeon platform is an associate application of motivation, as a result of this direction most necessary within the field of education, sports, and therefore the obedience of a healthy mode.

There are many blessings of destination IQeon Platform are:

Technical advantages: by using the Blockchain technology with the reassurance of payment dealings using the IQeon system that this token using the standard ERC20.
The advantage for the sport developer/content: with this the developers will scale back the price of developer fees for withdrawals from Google’s Play and therefore the Apple Store. and therefore the presence of further recreation audience
the advantage for the players: thus with IQeon internal currency that may be gained in one match are often used with every prosecuting officer other wallet and create paper money then transferred to the MasterCard.
The advantage for investors: Developer involvement with the partnership system in use IQen PlatForm can result in growth in the audience of users and increase the demand for IQeon you.
There are some World Health Organization wish to target the development of the Platform IQeon between is an associate application for self-development, logical games and strife PvP below are excerpts from the scenario developed for applications that may be in enforced within the Platform and this can still be developed. Here’s simply a snip of the associate objective of scenario that may be built:

  1. situations for motivation and self-development.
  2. Scenario for PvP disputes.
  3. situations for academic applications.
  4. search for gaming with AR 5.

Token IQeon
IQeon is that the customary token token ERC20. thus IQeon not simply the Platform however conjointly includes all ecosystems together with developer applications and content, platform partners and scores of users.
Token: IQeon
Type: ERC20
Name: IQeon Token
Symbol: IQN
Total supply: 10.000.00

Start: 30 January 2018
Ends: 13 March 2018
Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC
The maximum number of collections: 20,000 ETH
The number of tokens which sold 6.5 million IQN:
Token exchange rates: 1 ETH = 325 IQEON
Min. number of transactions: 0.1 ETH
Max. Transaction amount: unlimited.

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