IQeon: The First Decentralized Gaming Pvp Platform in the World, Allowing Players to Earn Money on T

IQeon is the first decentralized gaming platform where players can make money according to their intelligence and achievements. This will be recognized by using the internal currency in the IQeon ecosystem, which at any time can be converted to the crypto currency IQeon tokens (IQN) issued based on Ethereum blockchain. IQeon tokens (IQN) can be freely exchanged at existing cryptocurrency exchanges, or transferred to fiat money on a MasterCard card recognitions to the established partnership with bank. IQeon signifies an organization that will allow the integration of games, applications and services based on intelligent competitions between users, as well as applications and services for motivation

Purposes of the project:

Ø Further development of IQeon platform;

Ø Creation of IQeon ecosystem;

Ø Formation of the audience of engaged platform applications and games users;

Ø Formation of partnerships with game developers and game content for the platform;

Ø Development of a line of IQ Clash proper games based on the platform.

Advantages of IQeon platform

IQeon team creates a flexible and accessible platform for the rapid launch of new products that lets players to compete amongst themselves in a range of intelligent and logical tasks, receiving IQeon internal currency for the greatest result. A different direction for the development of IQeon platform is motivational applications. This direction is specifically important in the field of sports, education, and the performance of a healthy lifestyle. Frequently people do not have enough inner enthusiasm to study assured material.

Mobile games market is the largest segment of the global gaming market and amounts to 4.9 billion dollars. It’s expected that games will grow to 50% and in monetary terms will amount to $ 62.3 billion. Consequently mobile smart games global market Rapid growth in the number of mobile devices inevitably leads to increasein the number of mobile applications and games users.

According to the research by SurveyMonkey Intelligence in the era of mobile games and applications, intelligent games and puzzle games take:

Ø First place by the amount of time spent in game, each active user spends an average of more than 1 hour a month.

Ø Third place among other genres of games by the number of downloads.

Ø Third place by the number of active users.

The above statistics indicates a high potential for monetization of this genre of games. This opportunity not only to spend time, but also to earn money, playing puzzle games, will attract to IQeon ecosystem games additional payable audience of gamers.

IQeon token perform functions such as:

• Direct use of tokens in the IQeon ecosystem;
• Rates and rewards in gambling rooms and disputes;
• Payment of rewards for certain activities (player of the day, player of the month, etc.);
• Payment of remuneration to game developers;
• Payment of royalties to the owners of copyrights for digital content;
• Remuneration for partner programs.

The number of tokens (total coin supply) is 10 000 000 IQN tokens and no more will be released. Then respectively, the more people connected to the IQeon ecosystem, the greater the turnover of IQN game tokens, which indicates the company’s revenue increase, and directly affects the cost of the IQN token. The demand for IQN will grow due to the connection to new eco-system IQeon of new applications and games, both partner and properly developed. By the end of 2018, their number will be at least 1000. Unsold IQeon tokens will be destroyed. Another great benefit is that IQeon tokens can be freely exchanged on existing cryptocurrency stocks, or transferred to fiat money to a MasterCard card thanks to the established partnership with Loyal Bank Limited and you can use your tokens in other games which are integraded in IQeon Platform.

The PRE ICO started in December 15, 2017 and the ICO will start in January 30, 2018

The purchase price of the IQeon token in ETH at the pre-ICO stage is 1 ETH = 700 IQN and at the ICO stage will be 1 ETH = 325 IQN. Remind that the minimum purchase amount of IQN tokens in the ICO period is 0.1 ETH or other currency at the exchange rate at the time of the purchase.

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