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This time I will discuss the game. Everyone knows mobile games are used to entertain children with adults, and can spend countless hours playing games. as well as various game genres such as Adventure, Puzzle, FPS, Survival and more. And now the market for game games is growing rapidly and progressing, and now many use money to buy virtual money in games that diamonds to buy goods, and so on. Here I will explain the platform that is very interesting for the players, of course which platform yes yes I will explain the IQeon platform

What is IQeon

IQeon is a decentralized platform game that lets players gain achievements and intellectual achievements that they get in other games. This is not a strange thing for the first time a platform that players can reach in the game. and also this platform can be made player currency goalkeeper achievements in the game itself IQeon, which for paper money and crypto currency like BTC LTC eth and the other is not interesting and IQeon platform can also be used to swap the security level is very good with security blockchain that can not be hacked.

The idea of ​​the name IQEON “iQ” is “intelligence quotient”, “EON” is an ancient Greek philosophical concept, which means age, eternity, generation.

IQeon on a decentralized PvP game platform, lets players earn real money (Fiat) for their achievements.

IQeon is the first platform where players can earn money thanks to their intelligence and achievements.

The IQeon team developed a flexible and scalable platform for rapid introduction of new products. Among them are IQeon, an internal virtual currency is created. In addition, IQeon will also develop in the field of motive applications , namely in the field of education, sports, sports, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The problem of the smart mobile gaming market
Solutions with which you can play the game intellectually will give you real money (in) money that is not widely available on the market.
The business rate of monetizing virtual achievement depends on the method

IQeon offers a solution to this problem with IQeon game currency . Referring to IQeon will be transferred to a user’s personal account with an IQeonexchange platform token , which can then be purchased and sold free of cryptocurrency on the exchange.

No PvP competitive solution and automatic payment of winnings to winners
The IQeon- Platform game scenario application allows players to bring disputes between them by betting on IQeon places on success or specific events. The system automatically benefits the winner.

The creators of the idea of ​​an Intelegenten player earn money without serious investment in the development of technological solutions,
IQeon platform-based platform application designers will be implemented. With its help, game developers can easily create new applications based on existing game scenarios and techniques.

Earn good commission revenue from games and mobile apps through the App Store and Google Play (30%).
Total commissions for IQeon Token Exchange (IQN) in bank notes will not exceed 10%.

The developer receives a one-time revenue for in-game purchases.
The IQeon- Platform allows developers to make money with each bet. The platform uses the following cost and reward systems: Players who bet or “fight” in the game by placing the same bet (for example, 500 IQeon). The number of stakes makes 1000 IQeons, of which 88% consists of prize money to be received by the winner, and 12% (120 IQeon) is the cost of the platform. 50% of the platform fee will be paid to the developer as a reward.

Bonus and play points received in one game can not be used in other games.
The IQeon- Platform provides a solution to this problem with possible local currency exchange for IQeon (IQN) marks. Platform users’ personal accounts can change the internal currency in the account or game app’s account balance into IQeon token (IQN) and vice versa.

How can we work with iQeon?
At IQeon we can use the internal currency in the IQeon ecosystem . This may occur when convection with IQeon (IQN) IQNs is based on the Ethereal blockade. IQeon (IQN) can be freely exchanged in the existing crypto exchange or, thanks to bank cooperation, transferred to the banknotes on the MasterCard card. Then we can use Tokken IQeon “IQN” for the game. BUY TOKEN IQeon “ CLICK HERE “

This is the IQeon ecosystem
From the image below, the rules for joining IQeon and using it for everything are clear. In addition, we can choose what we want. Example: If you want to focus on the game, just choose what we want.

IQeon Gaming Community
All apps can be downloaded on GOOGLEPLAY and APP STORE

Token name: IQEON
1 ETH = 550 IQN (not 325 IQN)
Icon: IQN
Platform: Ethereal
General publication: 10,000,000 IQN
Token Presale (Round 2)

Started investment: January 8, 2018 (9:00 UTC)
Final investment: January 15, 2018 (9:00 UTC)
Token main offer

Started investment: January 30, 2018
End investment: March 13, 2018

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