IRONX – Best in Crypto, Best in Trading, World-Class Exchange
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Peaceful greetings of the universe, this time I will discuss about ICO or project IRONX, thanks for taking time to read this article. Sampean Pancen Ngeten (JOSS).
Our vision is to create a crypto exchange that is created with the traditional trader in mind. This is why we have merged the best in traditional trading from IronFX, with the best in crypto EmurgoHK, to create a world-class crypto exchange.
We want our exchange to offer the services that traders are used to, and combine them with the benefits of trading in the crypto currency market. We also want to introduce crypto traders to the benefits that traditional trading offers.
The IRONX Exchange intends to allow clients to use their existing IRONX Exchange crypto accounts and cryptocurrencies to seamlessly migrate or move (partially or fully) positions/exposure into the IronFX Group online trading platform in an efficient, quick and costless way, via the use of common back office backbone and best-of-class banking and payment methods available by the IronFX Group. In addition, the existing accumulated experience regarding Risk Management, Account Management, and Compliance Management will be used as a seamless bridge facilitating this process of moving exposure/positions from cryptocurrencies trading into traditional online trading.

IRONX with its “Best in Crypto, Best in Trade, World Class Exchange” statement is now holding back the ICO (Initial Coin Offering). I myself feel very confident about the potential of IRONX because it already has a “flying hour” that has been qualified. Therefore, it is not surprising that the IRONX occupies the top 5 best positions among the Exchange in the world. Please see the source here Top 5 Crypto Exchange.

Let’s Get Acquainted With The IRONX Exchange

The IRONX Exchange (or IRON X Exchange) is a joint venture between the IRON FX Group, a global online trading platform. This platform has won awards for having important connections with EmurgoHK Group creator Cardano who has ADA coins. These coins are stable coins which have become very potential in the world in the past few months.

IRONX is currently achieving a good target of becoming the first cryptocurrency set up with 24/7 support and supported by more than 30 languages. The main idea is to guarantee the flexibility and comfort that traditional platforms have had combined with blockchain technology. Liquidity is guaranteed because clients will seamlessly migrate their crypto accounts to the IRONX platform.

In addition, the banking method and payment are the best in its class because of the assets of the IRONFX Group. Not only that, there is a multi-regulation license and a large customer base with more than 1.2 million online retail trading accounts. Operational excellence in support of all of these so that IRONX stands out among other exchanges. These advantages and undoubted experiences, make me and the cryptocurrency players certainly agree that investing in IRONX will be profitable.

Let’s Check Sales Information for IRX Tokens

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The starting pistol has gone off, and the ICO is on! Your opportunity to get involved in one of the most talked about ICO’s of the year is here!
Go to to get registered for the IRX Public Sale!
IRX Coin

IROX has an IRX Utility token which is an ERC-20. This token functions as the main token on the IronX Exchange that supports system usage. If you buy in the form of this token, you will get a discount and traders who use IRX for transactions get incentives. In addition, IRX token holders can get benefits in many ways, starting from the ownership level, and so on. For complete information about the terms of the sale and purchase of tokens please visit the IRONX official website

It’s just that, I think I need to explain here about the schedule.

IRX’s personal sales have been taking place from June 20, 2018, to August 30, 2018, and at that time successfully sold 67,691,787 tokens, at a price of $ 0.33 per one token, with a total value of $ 22,338,290 (USD). After that successful personal sale, IronX has now released up to 82,308,213 tokens for public sales.

In addition to these details, each participating contributor with an amount of more than $ 50,000 (USD) will be entitled to a bonus token. The sale of this public token will apply KYC to all contributors participating in it.

The sale of public tokens is open to all potential contributors, except for residents of the following countries: United States, Syria, Crimea Region, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cyprus, Burma, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Ecuador, Korea, China, Morocco, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Japan and Namibia. In addition to citizens of these countries, may participate.

For more details about token distribution, please see the following chart:

Marketing Strategy
Because IronFX (forex) already has a user base of 1.2 million retail users, this JV project has already had more value from the beginning (if some of the existing users proceed to join the IRONX trading platform). Furthermore, there is a bounty program managed by a reputable bounty manager (btcltcdigger) which would make user acquisitions become more rapid.
In addition, IRONX is also actively involved in conferences such as at The Asia Blockchain, and FinTech (ABF) conference which was held on 27/10/2018 until 01/11/2018. By the way, IRONX also became a sponsor in this event.


May 2018
IronFX Group and EmurgoHK join forces to build a world-class exchange – IronX.
June 2018
Smartologic joins IronX as a strategic advisor.
June 2018
Development of IronX Exchange begins.
June 2018
IRX Token Private Sale begins.
August 2018
IRX Token Private Sale ends.
September 2018
IronX Exchange Alpha version release for interval testing.
September 2018
The Estonion incorporated entity og the Group was awarded a full regulatory licence by the Estonian FIU.
October 2018
Coin and Smart Contract Security Audits Conducted by Hosho.
November 2018
Public Sale of IRX Token begins.
November 2018
Exchange Security Audits conducted by Hasho.
December 2018
End of Public Sale of IRX Topic;
Expected IRX Token Distribution;
IronX Exchange expected Beta version release.

The IronX team comes from IronFX management and assisted by EmurgoHK advisors. Thus, this JV project is very likely to be materialized because it is an expansion of an established company. Of course, its members are the people who have experience in the development of a trading platform. By the way, for readers who are doubtful about the authenticity of the IronFX team profile, there is a youtube : video that contains their brief interview.
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For complete information about IRONX and its ICO, please visit the following link:


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