IRONX: Addressing Today’s Crypto Market Issues

In the emergence of digital currencies, crypto assets holders have realized the benefits of a secure, transparent, and modern digital exchange platform with which to trade the assets. A good numbers of such exchange platforms have emerged over the year’s creating a new crypto market ecosystem with some having more features and benefits than the others. In spite of numerous exchange platforms in the digital world today, there are many issues inhibiting the effectiveness of exchange of crypto assets. These include the following;

》 Lack of regulation

》 Poor liquidity

》 FIAT funding

》 Customer support and quality of service5. Technical architecture and transactional experience, and

》 Online security

In the quest to provide solutions to these problems, the IronX exchange platform was introduced. This article will therefore look at the basic features of the project and it ICO. I’m Solman.

☆The IronX Exchange

The IronX is a cryptocurrency Exchange platform which will provide crypto investors who wish to diversify their investments direct access to the low-correlation asset classes that are offered on the IronFX Group trading platform, (for example, spot FX, CFDs, shares, futures, commodities, indices), including the capacity to use higher than ordinarily offered leverage when trading on the IronFX Group trading platform.The IronX Exchange platform will be produced and driven by the IronFX Group, the award-winning global pioneer in online trading, perceived as having a standout amongst the most refined customer inclusion and client bolster groups on the planet.

The IronFX Group has been perceived by multiple international award bodies, earning such titles as “Best Global Online Trading Platform” (2017), “Elite in European Finance” (2016), “Best Forex Educators” (2015), “Outstanding Contribution to the FX Industry” (2014), “Best Forex Service Provider” (2014), “Most Trustworthy Forex Broker” (2014), and “Best Trading Execution Global” (2013), to give some examples.

The IronFX Group has perceived the glaring need to make a managed, service-concentrated, exclusive requirements and strict-methods trade that encourages financing through both FIAT and CRYPTO monetary standards. The IronFX Group investigates the likelihood to manufacture a consistent


☆EmurgoHK Group

♢ Is the engineer of the notable, open-source Blockchain project Cardano, to tackle the issues of past Blockchain ages viably. EmurgoHK will help the IronX Exchange’s development and development and will provide liquidity from the start by posting their gigantically effective ADA Coin on the IronX Exchange.

♢ Established in 2017, EmurgoHK is an enrolled firm devoted to the advancement, support, and brooding of business ventures through combination into Cardano’s decentralized Blockchain ecosystem.

♢ EmurgoHK is speculation arranged: it directly bolsters startup ventures and additionally creating accomplices with business enterprises hoping to leverage the Blockchain technology troublesome potential.

☆Smartologic Technologies

♢ is a Blockchain consultancy service with an effective history of advancing venture Blockchain-based exercises, decentralizing traditional activities, and actualizing customized answers for empower progressive thoughts. Smartologic will fill in as consultant and facilitator of the IronX Exchange platform.

♢Smartologic colleagues have driven and informed on the fruitful consummation concerning a few aggressive ICOs including Stox, the mass market expectation platform which earned a place as one of the greatest ICOs of 2017, and in addition on VINchain and CEDEX. They are additionally exhorting on a few prominent fintech and ICO organizations, for example, CRYPTALGO and Coti.


We mean to construct the IronX Exchange platform in light of AlphaPoint’s technology. It will use ground-up execution to convey next-level answers for current industry issues. In view of a similar high-review design utilized by real trading frameworks, the IronX Exchange will provide the following framework highlights:

1 Ultra-high performance architecture for handling global scale industries

2 Accelerated performance; 1 million trades per second

3 Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

4 High-grade security and data protection

5 Simple systems management

6 Constant, top-of-the-line system performance

7 Error detection codes on all records

8 Always active, dynamic database

9 Comprehensive customer coverage and service offerings

10 Quick failover support

11 Simple systems management

12 HFT capable systems

13 Monitoring and alert

14 Seamless fail-safe modes

15 Easy FIAT-to-CRYPTO purchasing capabilities

☆IronX Exchange Ecosystem

The IronX Exchange ecosystem plans to cultivate a network of clients and brokers upheld by a specific group of client service agents. Clients will connect on a propelled site intended to convey specific client service in parallel to its normal platform utilize, along these lines making an ideal trade effortlessly of activity for new and experienced dealers alike.

Client service will incorporate a bunch of customer arranged highlights, for example, hotline bolster and live visit choices, with multilingual help in more than 30 dialects, notwithstanding an interestingly simple to-utilize and direct trading programming. Clients will encounter an effective platform without exorbitant slippages, with amplified page stack paces and fast server reactions to site action.

We are investigating the likelihood to provide clients with the chance to encounter crypto trading that is seamlessly mixed with traditional online trading and allows clients to effectively switch among crypto and spot trading, benefitting as much as possible from their trading and using the most profound accessible liquidity consistently.

☆LIsting New Tokens on IronX Exchange

One of the IronX Exchange’s key business parts intends to be the posting of new coins for trading. With the end goal to encourage the posting procedure while guaranteeing that the IronX Exchange holds its high notoriety, we have chosen to shape an “Onboarding Committee” whose duties will involve the survey of all applications for posting and also the techniques by vote to support or reject them.

☆The IRX Token

IRX is the trade coin is an ERC-20 utility token that will fill in as the fundamental coin backing the framework’s utilization. Clients will have the opportunity to pick between paying their expenses, for example, trading charges, in the cash of the exchange, and, paying in IRX tokens. Expenses paid in IRX tokens will convey a rebate on the trade as indicated by the below table, boosting regular merchants to utilize IRX for all charges and exchanges.

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