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With the emergence of digital currencies, crypto assets holders have realized the benefits of a secure, transparent, and modern digital exchange platform with which to trade the assets. A good numbers of such exchange platforms have emerged over the year’s creating a new crypto market ecosystem with some having more features and benefits than the others. In order to create an effective trading environment, a number of functional exchanges have emerged in order to create a new crypto market ecosystem and to increase competition among platforms. Although substantial advancements have been made in the usability and the functioning of today’s cryptocurrency exchanges, there are still considerable shortcomings.

IRONX will be among the first companies in Europe trying to establish an industry standard in the conduct of the work of the cryptocurrency. The main thing is IRONX job of joint venture international online broker IronFX Group and EmurgoHK, the inventor of the blockchain Cardano, has announced that it has obtained a permit in the Estonian financial intelligence Agency (FIU). Through the license, IronX will have the ability to be a sufficiently flexible exchange digital currencies. It will be among the first companies in Europe trying to establish an industry standard in the conduct of the work of the cryptocurrency.

In 2012, Estonia began to use blockchain technologies for doing the medical, the judicial, legislative and industrial registries. The new license will allow IronX to execute stock exchange trades on the exchange of electronic and Fiat currencies, and to give service of pockets to store them. The permit was granted by the regulator a month earlier than anticipated. It’s expected that the introduction of the beta version of IronX for holders of VIP tokens IRX will be held in late September and the official launch is scheduled for December 2018. The post of the project is becoming a new rolling crypto marketplace.

IronX is a joint venture project of two entities that have mastery in their respective fields, namely IronFX in the field of forex trading and EmurgoHK in the field of digital currency. The project from these two large entities certainly has a great opportunity to succeed in the future.

They often go on as a basic part of contact for newcomers who are bent with cash exchanges in their view of easy-to-use interface and vivid in their operations. The task of a united trade is clear and organized and a categorical estimate will make this system classified. Not at the smallest level such as accession transactions, decentralized accessories.

Transactions are involved regardless of whether they run with risky stores, such as unsecured downtime and security downtime, as well as greater customer protection. Delegated transactions again do not require any representation of the character, similarly, security issues like the overhaul of hierarchies appear. Transactions do not hold money for customers, and instead, customers are specially connected, suggesting that you do not need to emphasize the security of your pre-encrypted transactions. With any customer package, explore the use of decentralized commerce in a manner in which consistent transactions have reduced liquidity, showing differences in transactions associated with these lines.

IRONX Vision

IRONX vision is to make a cryptocurrency exchange made with conventional traders. This is why we’ve combined the finest in traditional trading in IRONX, together with the very best in EmurgoHK cryptocurrency, to make a world-class crypto exchange. IRONX Want their exchange to provide services widely used by dealers, and combine them with the advantages of trading on the cryptocurrency marketplace. IRONX Also wishes to present crypto traders with the benefits provided by traditional trade. IRONX Exchange intends to allow clients to utilize IRONX Exchange and cryptocurrency crypto accounts to migrate or transfer (partly or entirely) positions/exposures in the IRONX Group online trading platform effectively, quickly and without price, through the general use of the back office and banking backbone and payment methods accessible by IronFX Group. Additionally, the accumulation of present expertise associated with Risk Management, Account Management, and Compliance Management is going to be utilized as an infinite bridge that facilitates the practice of transferring/positioning from cryptocurrency trading to regular online trading.


The Best in Trading

Established in 2010, IronFX is the award-winning leading global online forex trading brand, with 10 trading platforms and over 200 tradable instruments. IronFX serves retail and institutional customers from over 180 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America while providing support in over 30 different languages. The Group authorised and regulated by the four premier regulators in the FX world, FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), FSCA (South Africa) and CySEC (Cyprus)

The Best in Crypto

Established in 2017, EmurgoHK, a global leader in blockchain technology, is the venture builder for the Cardano blockchain protocol, and its hugely successful native cryptocurrency, the ADA Coin. Located in one of the world’s most dynamic business hubs, Hong Kong, and perfectly positioned between Northeast and Southeast Asia, EmurgoHK is spreading the revolutionary Cardano protocol across the Pacific Rim.


The IRX token sale

The IRX ERC-20 Utility Token will function as the main token on the IronX Exchange, which supports system usage. Costs paid in IRX tokens will bring discounts, giving incentives to traders who often use IRX for all costs and transactions. IRX token holders will also benefit in various ways. Based on the level of ownership, they will be entitled to additional services and incentives for the IronX – IronFX Group ecosystem.

Token information

Token IRX

Platform Ethereum

Type ERC-20

Token price 1 IRX = 0.42 USD

Tokens for sale 82.308.213 IRX





Ironx Team


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