IRONX – Best in Crypto

IRONX – Best in Crypto.

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Greetings Community, In this new post I will introduce about IRONX project,
and for more details let’s just go to the following discussion.


Following the popular surge of digital currencies, holders of crypto assets recognised the need for a secure, transparent, and modern digital exchange through which to trade their assets. A number of functional exchanges have emerged in response to this developing need, creating a new crypto market ecosystem and driving competition among platforms to set up an efficient and effective trading environment. Although substantial advancements have been made in the usability and the functioning of today’s cryptocurrency exchanges, there are still considerable shortcomings.


Leveraging a cutting-edge system that will facilitate increased volume through multi-party interaction and interconnectivity with traditional online trading, the IronX Exchange plans to address existing crypto industry issues and optimize the crypto exchange experience for novice and experienced traders alike. The IronX Exchange aims to address crypto market challenges by using a market-leading technology platform consisting of a multitude of high-grade features, as well as aiming to provide a highly secured interconnectivity between exchanges and third-party institutions to curtail liquidity problems and boost trade volume, which are the biggest challenges of new exchanges, and to facilitate high level of security and ease-of-use for all crypto traders purchasing currency (including FIAT).


For users entering the crypto market without existing crypto tokens, the IronX Exchange is exploring the possibility to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the world of crypto trading by addressing the challenges mentioned earlier with effectiveness and experience. The IronX Exchange could, therefore, facilitate the entrance of new users to crypto trading with increased ease of entry on the right basis, higher efficiency, and lower costs. The IronX Exchange aims to enable a safe and easy transition from the mass retail market into the crypto market. Leveraging on its existing regulatory and operational practices, processes, solutions and real operating company functions, including, back-office, risk management, account management, and payment and banking solutions, the IronX Exchange will offer a customer- centric and quality-focused service.



The IronX Exchange ecosystem aims to foster a community of users and traders supported by a specialised team of customer service representatives. Users will interact on an advanced site designed to deliver specialised customer service in parallel to its regular platform use, thus creating an optimal exchange with ease of operation for new and experienced traders alike.

Customer service will include a myriad of client-oriented features such as hotline support and live chat options, with multilingual support in over 30 languages, in addition to a uniquely easy-to-use and straightforward trading software. Users will experience an efficient platform devoid of costly slippages, with maximized page load speeds and rapid server responses to site activity.


Fully Regulated

The Group is actively seeking to be licensed and become properly regulated. At present, it holds a FIU licence in Estonia but will actively pursue licences in other key jurisdictions. In this regard the group is considering both Gibraltar and Malta.

Existing Client Base

IronX is being built with our 1.2 million existing IronFX Group retail clients and 150,000 Cardano followers in mind, giving us access to a huge liquidity pool

FIAT and CRYPTO Funding

Our platform will provide a full range of traditional FIAT and CRYPTO wallet funding options

24/7 Support

IronX will be the first exchange to offer not only 24/7 support, but also in the language that our users speak, catering to their needs.



Access to multiple different cryptocurrencies
24/7 supported trading
Fixed transaction fees
Run reports
Rapidly accepted deposits and withdrawals in CRYPTO and FIAT for all users
Audit trades
Automatic dispersal of Daily Account Statements or configure default recurring daily reports for newly registered users
Ability to place, edit and cancel limit orders into the order book via API
Matching Engine – lean design matches orders at throughputs in excess of 1 million transactions per second
Nine supported order types including market, limit and stop



The IRX Token private sale ran from the 20th of June 2018 until the 30th of August 2018, and successfully sold 67,691,787 tokens, at the price of $0.33 (USD) per token, for a value of $22,338,290 (USD). After a successful private sale, IronX has decided to release an additional up to 82,308,213 tokens for the public sale

In addition to the details listed above, any contributor who participates with an amount of greater than $50,000 (USD) will be entitled to bonus tokens. The tokens will be issued as a percentage of the initial tokens purchased by the contributor , and will be vested with the company for 9 months, with 1/3 release every quarter.

KYC will be done on all contributors who participate in the public token sale.

The public token sale will be open to all potential contributors, with the exception of citizens of the following countries: United States of America, Cyprus, Burma, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea Region, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Sudan, Ecuador, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco and Namibia




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Based on all of the above, it is safe to say that the project expects great success and recognition of traders around the world. Summing up, I would also like to say that the cryptocurrency world has long needed such a platform. This is the project that the world needs today; it will make trading digital assets an easy, safe and attractive activity. All the advantages of the platform will attract new traders, the volumes will start to increase and therefore people will start earning more. In general, the project is good,

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