Since the invent of blockchain technology, developers have created thousands of cryptocurrencies which is focused on different sectors of the economy such as energy, agriculture, banking, shipping and so many others. Currently, the cryptocurrency market capitalization is worth over $610 billion. Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market is still a growing market, there are more than 1500 cryptocurrencies today and there are still a lot more to come. However, these cryptocurrencies are faced with countless challenges such as listing on exchanges, difficulties in trading, high volatility, secure transaction, issue of storing coin and the high risk involved among others.

Cryptocurrency Trading platforms also known as Exchanges are online platforms where you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency or sometimes for Fiat currency. A cryptocurrency exchange is a third-party platform from which one can purchase or trade Cryptocurrencies. A Cryptocurrency can simply be exchanged for Fiat or different Cryptocurrencies on an exchange. There are varieties of Cryptocurrency exchange depending on the type of services they give. They can be trading platforms, peer-to-peer exchanges or brokers. In determining an exchange, factors such as security, speed, fees, the process of buying, ease of use, effective customer service, etc. need to be analyzed.


IRONX exchange is an outstanding cryptocurrency exchange, founded by the IRONX group and in partnership with EmurgoHK, whom is the best in blockchain technology as well as the best in cryptocurrency. IRONX is on a mission to provide users with a simple, reliable and low-cost service to use, buy, sell, and trade Local currency(FIAT) from range of countries, that also allows users to actually purchase and sell cryptocurrencies directly with FIAT currencies.


There are so many cryptocurrency exchanges existing in the world today, and many of them accept crypto to crypto trading pairs. Here are some of the problems facing the crypto exchanges of today, such as

  • High Trading Fees: Popular exchanges can charge between 0.8% to 3% in fees.
  • Poor Security: So many Exchanges do not have a strong security to protect users assets.
  • Poor User Interface: There are so many crypto exchanges that has a poor User-interface which makes it difficult for users to Navigate through the platform.
  • Low Liquidity: So many Popular exchanges offers Low liquidity which in otherwords delays trading activities on the platform.


  • High Security: IRONX will use advanced technologies such as Smart Contracts security audited by the leaders in blockchain security Hosho and Hacken in order to offer users with the best security. IRONX exchange platform offers users with top notch security, and uses 2FA Google Authenticator, rate limiting, and concurrent connection limits.
  • FIAT and Crypto Funding: Unlike other traditional trading platforms, IRONX platform makes it possible for users to trade directly form crypto to Fiat and vice versa. and also FIAT and CRYPTO wallet funding options will be available.
  • 24/7 Support Services: The IRONX exchange support services is always available for users of the IRONX platform and answer any questions or enquirers made by users.
  • Modern User-Interface: As seen in the image above, the IRONX exchange has a well designed User interface that makes the trading experience enjoyable and convenient for Traders.
  • Trading Orders: Users of the IRONX exchange platform are allowed to create orders, and as well edit or cancel orders
  • Multi-Lingual support: The IRONX exchange will support both English and other various languages such as; Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian and so many more. The Default language of the platform will be English.
  • High Liquidity: The IRONXplatform guarantees its users with high liquidity and stable trade volumes. with its 1.2 million existing IronFX Group retail clients and 150,000 Cardano followers in mind, giving the team an access to a huge liquidity pool.
  • License and Regulation: The IRONX exchange platform is licensed and fully regulated by the Estonian FIU.


IRX token is a utility token of the IRONX exchange platform that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain based ERC20 Standard. Users will be able to choose between paying their fees, such as trading fees, in the currency of that transaction or paying with IRX Token.


  • IRX Token can be used as a method for trade, and also to pay exchange charges. Fess paid using IRX tokens carries a discount of about 50% for year 1 , 30% for year 2 and 10% for year 3.
  • IRX will be used as a listing Fee
  • User’s who Hold IRX will be granted Discounted fees for portfolio management, Discount in spreads on traders on trading products, Free IronFx card, VIP accounts with no requirement and free virtual private server (VPS)


  • Token Symbol: IRX
  • Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20)
  • Type: Utility
  • Price: $0.42 USD
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 IRX
  • Contract Address0xf439123bbb288e8064cdc3d32f4a921c0f5e4873
  • Decimals: 18
  • Soft cap: $18,000,000 USD (Achieved)
  • Hard cap: $50,000,000 USD
  • Tokens Available for Sale: 180,000,000 IRX
  • Accepting: ETH,BTC, WIRE
  • Minimum Investment: $100 USD
  • Public Sale: Ongoing (01.11.2018- 15.01.2019)
  • Public Sale Token Supply: 82,308,213 IRX
  • KYC and Whitelist: YES
  • Country: Estonia










Conclusively, IRONX exchange is an outstanding cryptocurrency exchange, founded by the IRONX group and in partnership with EmurgoHK . It is developed by professionals with the sole aim of providing traders with the best trading experience any Cryptocurrency exchange could offer and also make available trading pairs of FIAT currencies. Thus creating a a world-class crypto exchange.

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