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“Reading Makes a Full Man”. This fact is applicable for today’s world as well. When you keep on reading, you will be able to learn something that you cannot achieve from watching a movie or listening to something.

If you are a reader, you will get impressed to know that there is a specific venture available for you within the Blockchain. That’s where iShook comes into play. We could see a variety of applications in the Blockchain technology. However, we still couldn’t see Blockchain technology being applied to the lives of readers. iShook can be considered as the first such application. Hence, all readers should go ahead and get a clear understanding about iShook and what’s being offered by it.

What exactly is iShook?

iShook can simply be defined as a content sharing ecosystem. It has been developed based on the principles of Blockchain technology. With iShook, content creators will be provided with a new avenue in order to get in touch with their audiences. Along with the assistance of iShook platform, the team is looking forward to provide all its users with access to rich content. In addition, people who use iShook will find it as an easy task to get hold of services offered by booksellers and publishers.

Through the ecosystem created by iShook, end users will be able to accept peer to peer payments with minimum hassle as well. This network will provide maximum opportunities for content exposure, which can provide a large number of benefits for content creators and content consumers. In other words, iShook has bridged the gap that exists in between content creators and content consumers.

How does iShook work?

Before you get your hands on iShook, it is important to have a basic understanding about the overall functionality offered by it. Then you will be able to proceed with peace of mind and experience all other benefits that are being offered to you in the long run.

iShook is developed through Ethereum blockchain. It consists of three major platforms. These platforms have specifically been designed in order to combine e-commerce, content media and social media in an efficient manner.

In order to gain access to the iShook platform, you will have to get your hands on the iShook tokens. The iShook tokens are considered as the primary currency of the platform as well. These tokens are defined by the abbreviate SHK.

You can access an ecommerce store, spend SHK and purchase a book that you are interested in reading. Or else, it is also possible for you to buy ideas or notes with the help of iShook tokens. This network would create a link in between the book authors and the individuals who are interested in going through content created by them. As a result, writers will also be able to experience a variety of benefits. If you are a writer, you can think about writing down your best materials via blog sites and eBooks. Then you can provide the content for interested people to go through.

It is also possible for you to find a dedicated mobile application offered by iShook. It has the ability to create a strong relationship in between individuals and the reading habits of them.

What are the benefits of iShook?

Content creators will be able to experience a large number of benefits with the assistance of iShook platform. If you are a content creator, you know the hassle that you will have to go through in order to obtain royalties for the work published. But when you are using iShook, you will find it as an easy task to get royalties. On the other hand, iShook network can provide an excellent assistance to you with your marketing efforts. You can write your content and advertise them among potential readers. On top of everything, iShook provides a self-publishing platform for you. Hence, you can avoid all issues that are linked with publishing your content.

Readers aren’t left out by the developers of iShook. They can also experience some unique benefits that are provided by the platform. The iShooktokens are one of the key benefits that they will be able to receive. With the assistance of iShook tokens, readers will be able to go ahead and purchase the content that they are interested in reading. As a reader, you will also be able to earn your opinion with related to the reading materials. You can receive the rewards in the form of iShook tokens. It is also possible for you to find a large number of promotions and bonus programs available in iShook for the readers.


People in today’s world prefer to be aware of content that they go through. On the other hand, they are looking forward to get closer to the content creators. Likewise, content creators are also looking forward to get closer to the readers. IShook can provide the ideal platform that they need in order to achieve this functionality. Hence, you can take a look at this amazing opportunity available.

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