Welcome to you, dear readers. I am always happy to convey to you the most exciting new thoughts and companies from the world of cryptographic money forms. They are made to encourage our existence with you and to change the world later.

The Blockchain is an irrefutable sharp innovation – individual ideas or groups of individuals known as pen names, Nakamoto. However, since then, it has developed into something more prominent, and the principle question asked by everyone is: What is the Blockchain?

Blockchain is the leading innovation that changes the world economy. This is a submitted database model that serves as a book for storing and supervising exchanges. As before, the blockchain is a quadratic chain containing data. This is an open note that is fully open to everyone. Rather than using the executive component focus chain, blockchains use a shared system that anyone can follow. Blockchain innovations present greater prominence, improved security, increased differentiation, expanded effectiveness and speed.

ISKRA is a real opportunity for our society to become a modern society with social accountability. Nearly half of the world’s diamonds are processed in Israel. With ISKRA, you have a unique opportunity to invest in the most reliable financial instruments. The price of diamonds is stable and even more resistant to disasters than the price of gold! ISKRA is not only an investment, but also a bargain. Bargains that you can’t get unless he has joined the Lucem project. This means that small businesses and novice traders will be able to join the elite stock brokerage club. ISKRA does not only help children. This is also a profitable investment tool for securing anonymous capital.

The aim of this institute is to create new mechanisms that allow the use of currencies and create effective ways and methods to work with those in need.

About the project

Lucem is a decentralized reserve to help children. The main reserve concern is to buy and deliver therapeutic equipment and prescriptions to children anywhere in the world. (later, new activities can be carried out: wasted maintenance offices, water desalination, green energy) * Full backup review, all bookkeeping, legal assistance, and all coordination will be paid for by Lucem designers and ISKRA.

All documentation will be freely accessible. The group of people will vote by vote, what business must be financed by reserves and where. Reserve assets may be used for the purchase and delivery of assistance to children.

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We believe that we can call this way “ICO v3.0”

We need every business that uses digital money to initially set aside 10% of coins or bank tokens to be transferred to social projects!

This is the main way people can really influence their future. Model: If the Bitcoin maker has established a social company and moved 500,000 coins at an absolute starting point, at that time the reserves will have $ 3.1 billion.

In addition, individuals themselves will have the option to spend this cash on social projects – free from administration and brokers. ISKRA is a real opportunity for our general public to become an advanced society with social responsibility!


1. Buyer determines its direction and direction

2. There are no brilliant promotions that stand out. Monsters like Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, and others are watching, listening, and investigating your questions, discussions, likes and snaps.

And after that, they promote to you. They call it want to publish (bots even break the area of ​​your mouse cursor). Very appreciated, but it is not effective

3. Clients themselves can make requests and get ideal results and costs in 3 basic bases, without operating ad gigabytes

Upcoming challenges

Children need a new method for receiving help. Team Lucem sees the need to make a difference in solving the social problems of children in need. For charity, we can and must use new technology. Team Lucem is the first to see opportunities to improve the fundraising process using digital technology.

Solutions Offered

The Lucem of Hope Community Foundation is a decentralized platform where each user can propose a project. You choose who will help and how. Lucem uses cryptocurrency with the aim of donating it to charity.


The buyer determines the direction and direction. There is no brilliant promotion that stands out. Monsters like Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, and others are watching, listening, and investigating your questions, discussions, likes and snaps. And after that, they promote to you. They call it want to publish (bots even break the area of ​​your mouse cursor). Highly valued, but it’s not effective Your own client can create invitations and get ideal results and costs in 3 basic bases, without operating gigabytes of advertising





Dimitry Odintsov

Generator ide

Since 2006 he is the CEO of PT

IT supporting company “APC-computer”

Since 2013 he has been involved in consulting and integrating blockchain technology in the Middle East.

Michael Tulchinsky


Since 2005 a specialist in the IT field

outsourcing and technical solutions for

big business.

Mikhail Grinfeld

Software Engineer Advisor

Software Engineers with more than

decades of experience developing and designing complex systems.

Georgy Laskov

Product Advisor

Experienced Qualified People (group releases), Certified Quality Auditors, and Responsible Qualified Persons for Pharmacovigilance. Skilled in Quality Assurance, Quality Audit, cGMP, GDP, SOP

Julia Margulis

Accountant Advisor

For 6 years, Julia has taken the position of Chief Account Management at a large sales company.

Anastasia Avdonchenkova

Advocate of Lawyers

More than 10 years of experience working with financial ownership and large investments.

Specialization in civil law, corporate law, securities markets and financial transactions.

He is a member of internal control and financial committees on the board of directors.

Yulia dvoryadkina

Language Advisor

Professional Chinese, English, Russian translators, with work experience

with advertising agencies and small businesses.

And also taught Chinese for more than 5 years.

Pak Dee


More than a decade of experience in cybersecurity.

Code developer for smart contracts.

Technical support from Lucem-Project.

List of ISKRA exchanges.

Pavel Jelnov


He graduated from PhD in Economics.

Areas of interest are Political Economy, Economic Growth, Economic History, and Family Economics. Also interested in aspects of growth and institutional growth









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