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In beneath a pile of rocks, there are vibrant and beautiful rocks that are bright and crystal, first it was just rocks, but as time went on scientists found out that these stones are beyond being just rocks, they could be used for ornaments, decorations and other innovative creations. One might want to ask what exactly are we talking about? These rocks are popularly known as DIAMOND.

Diamond over the years has become so valuable, scarce to find and difficult to trade. But in resent times trading diamonds proves to be way difficult, and considered illegal in some aspect, this has forced some persons to indulge in black market business, where they buy and sell diamond illegally.

Also in several countries today, so many children are homeless and starving, so many of them are used for dubious purposes, numbering from sales of drugs, pick pocketing, harlotry, the list is unending. Lucem Iskra, will help re-beautify the world and give these homeless children reasons to live for another day.

Welcome To ISKRA

ISKRA is a platform built upon the blockchain technology, being the first of its kind that is not just interested in helping people invest and boost their finances but also has seen the pains and trauma so many children has to struggle and get by everyday, and has devised a suitable way to help the world solve a major issue, which is the problem of homeless children. They are building a standard platform that will both help to boost investment and help children all over the world.

Problems Overview

  1. Loss of children at a very young age : it is disheartening that so many children are lost (dies) before they are even 5 years old due to un-examined illness and unattended health issues, so many healthcare has recorded the death of over 11 million children yearly.
  2. Unneccessary purchase of weapons: instead of helping to build up well equipped hospitals and healthcare, most countries have managed to spend more money in buying weapons and armories. Instead of saving lives they are busy taking them. It s been estimated that over 1 trillion dollar is being spent on weapons, quite some cash, isn’t it?
  3. Since mobile phone came into existence, there are about 8 billion phones in the world today.
  4. Inaccessible healthcare: it is unfortunate and ridiculous that over 80% of the population on earth has limited access to standard medical services.

Solution Proferred By The Platform

The only solution to these whole palava is the LUCEM ISKRA platform, through this platform they will improve the life of children all over the world.

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What The Holder Of Iskra Stands To Gain

  • They stand to exchange diamonds in any ordinary store. Iskra will be issued using Ethereum blockchain, via the standard of ERC-20
  • He/she indirectly helps the children each time they chose to invest or purchase diamond for a certain usage, no need for donation.
  • An exchange of diamond for ISKRA warrants a GIA certificate, and this exchange will take place on an international RAPAPORT price list.

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Principles Of ISKRA

  • WIN-WIN: The platform runs on a win-win feature, where everyone wins in their dealings with the platform, starting from the business class to the children.
  • Quick and Convenient : It is quick and convenient where no time is wasted
  • Accessibility and Safety: There is no need to beat about the bush, or long hard protocols, it is highly accessible and safe.
  • Honesty and Profitable : the platform places honesty in a high place, it is very important that their customers and users trust them.
    Community of Lucem of Hope
    The foundation is a decentralized platform
    where each user can propose a project.
    You chose who to help and how.
    Lucem uses criptovaluta with the obiettivo
    give it to a charity.
    Almost half of the world’s diamonds are processed in Israel.
    With ISKRA, you have the unique opportunity to invest in
    the most reliable financial instrument.
    Diamond prices are stable and even more resistant to disasters
    that the price of gold!
    ISKRA is not just an investment, it is also a real bargain.
    A deal that you can’t get in the store unless you have joined the
    Light Project.
    This means that small businesses and beginner traders will be able
    to join the elite club of stockbrokers.
    ISKRA not only helps children. It is also a profitable investment
    instrument for anonymous custody of capital.
    We want ISKRA not only to be safe
    but also profitable!
    The price of diamonds is resistant to disasters
    and it’s more stable than gold!
    ISKRA offers you the unique opportunity to exchange it with diamonds at any time, based on the Rapaport price list and the GIA certification.
    This means that you will always have a pure price without intermediaries: this will save you 10 to 50% of the cost of the diamond.
    Today only large companies on the stock exchange have the opportunity to operate using the Rapaport price list. These are stock brokers.
    Today, these are our partners and the list of them will expand to include the whole world!
    Nome: ISKRA - Crypto Coin Of Hope
    Ticker: CCOH
    Type: ERC-20
    Maximum amount: 300,000,000
    Price (pre-sale): ≈ $ 1 usd / [0.004 eth] = 1 ISKRA
    min.port for txn: 0.2 eth
    Min min recommended: Address of the pre - sale contract for 10GWEI and 121000 gas
    : ⭐Addres⭐
    If you are incognito and want to help the project, you can transfer any amount to our portfolio:
    Ethereum: 0xaC8CF8BD4f15e2dd9f82F0D9778544A74F8e3e76 o
    BitCoin: 15CLKk1Y4Bz5mqScjF7FP1KdFtjaxNGmf5
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