What is ITCM?

This is the first cryptocurrency in the world, secured by real estate. Tokens are created on the Ethereum platform. Tokens are received by all investors whose funds secure the construction projects of the ITC Group in the territory of the Customs Union.

What problems can the ITCM token solve?

Our project makes housing acquisition much more affordable. We achieve this through profitable cooperative programs, tax preferences and accumulated experience.

How to buy ITCM?

Anyone can purchase tokens for Ethereum, as well as paying for tokens by credit card, joining a cooperative with full verification.

The issue of ITCM is implemented by cooperative programs

  • “My Apartment – My Home” – every time when a participant of the program makes the first deposit or a monthly payment, it gradually buys out its property, while a smart contract produces ITCM tokens in accordance with the current exchange rate. Thereby, the cryptocurrency goes on sale already secured. Also, paying for real estate with tokens, a participant of the program gets a discount on the property in the amount of up to 3% and the reduction of the annual interest rate for installments for up to 1%, which means significant benefits, as well as additional demand ITCM on the exchange.
  •  “Saving program” is a program for accumulation for the first payment with monthly payments. The special feature of the program is an average interest income of up to 8% annually, which accelerates accumulation process. Due to the receipt of funds, the smart contract results to the issue of secured ITCM tokens.
  •  “ITCM program” is a program for the purchase of tokens. The funds received from the participants are spent on construction and purchase of real estate facilities. They are also spent on the production of goods within the framework of the ITC Market platform. Buying products with ITCM, a buyer receives a discount of up to 3%, which ensures a constant exchange demand for ITCM.

Depending on the amount and term of investment, you will receive ITCM bonus tokens:

2 000$ 5%
8 000$ 7%
17 000$ 10%
50 000$ 15%
100 000$ 17,5%
150 000$ 20%
500 000$ 25%
from 1 000 000$ an individual approach

Problems and solutions

We are living in the epoch of information and the Internet, so it is not a secret that economic crises are not accidental: they are made intentionally. Here’s what happens … First, banks lower interest rates, making loans available, stimulating consumption, which leads to economic growth. Then the interest rate is raised, which makes loans more expensive and less affordable, resulting in a decrease in consumption. Enterprises lose revenue and begin to cut expenditures – and employees are the first who will suffer. People, who took loans during stable economic period, become unemployed, and, as a result, they cannot pay off the banks and lose their property.

Everywhere we can hear breaking news about the economic crisis, the decline in economic indicators, etc. The history repeats itself every 7-10 years: people lose their hard-earned property, and banks get superprofits, catching people in this economic “mousetrap” where they got due to their excessive consumption. In our case, the client receives not only favorable conditions for the acquisition of real estate, which make the purchase of real estate available to everyone, but also protection from the current economic trends.

In our case, the client receives not only favorable conditions for the acquisition of real estate, which make the purchase of real estate available to everyone, but also protection from the existing economic factors.

ITC Team

The ITC Group managed to gather experienced experts in the fields of real estate, blockchain, cryptocurrency and financial management. Among us there are those who successfully managed investment portfolios of tens of millions of dollars in more than 30 countries around the world.

Larisa Gert

Chairman of the Board of the ITC Group

Evgeny Gert

Co-founder and board member of the ITC Group

Alexander Yasinsky

Chairman of the Board of the ITC Group

Ekaterina Popova

Chief Accountant of the ITC Group

Anton Stukov

Head of Legal Department of the ITC Group

Aliona Fofonova

Head of Advertising Service of the ITC Group





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