This article is simply a guide to potential purchasers, stakeholders and everyone itching for a snip of this glorious project. I’m not a project team member or its representative however a supporter of this unbelievable project. The whitepaper can give an in-depth and thorough analysis of this glorious project. you’ll click on the link below and ascertain a lot of regarding this glorious project


Greetings to you, expensive readers. I’m continuously glad to share with you the foremost promising concepts and start-ups from the planet of crypto-currencies. they’re created so as to facilitate our life with you, and to vary the planet within the future.


The world is evolving at a fast pace. never before we’ve witnessed such a big amount of changes happening in an exceedingly such short amount of your time. Economic, social, technological and political shifts are reshaping the planet terribly quickly and new challenges arise for nations and notably for cities. As governments are seeking to include innovations among their cities, blockchain can give one thing a lot of.

We can’t deny the unlimited open doors being introduced by the blockchain innovation as so much back as its development. a couple of business corporations have simply begun its choice in elements of exchange getting ready and mechanism of instalment through cryptographic styles of cash. Anyway as eternal as this open doors could also be, there are still a couple of problems being looked by this business, consequently ends up in its fragmented reception by the bulk.

Additionally, we will not conceivable discuss blockchain innovation while not referencing digital currencies because it is being utilised by a couple of corporations all comprehensive as their mode of instalments. a couple of folks get these digital currencies for the foremost half for the only reason for long-standing time venture whereas others exchange them for the foremost half for short additions. As drifting as digital cash resources could seem, the most common platform that they’re being obtained from still remains cryptologic cash trades.


ITEX could be a hybrid exchange that brings the most effective options of a non-public exchange besides those of a decentralised one, trying to find free and truthful mercantilism with an optimum and higher manipulation. ITEX goes to be a HYBRID Exchange, giving a number of the benefits|the advantages} and technological advantages of the decentralised exchanges to get high liquidity, security, client protection and honest quality support.

ITEX is attaining correct decentralization mistreatment the most effective and higher hands of this manipulation within the market; thus ITEX is progressing to perform as quite HYBRID trade, giving a number of edges|the advantages|the advantages} and technological benefits of the decentralised trades to make higher liquidity, security, client protection, and an incredible high-quality support.

Electronic money trading Platform

Electronic cash mercantilism platforms have well-tried to be the drive of blurring these in progress comes. They facilitate the exchange and exchange of encrypted currencies while not our chips being invalid. meaning there’s a reserve of cash and no merchandise or services to exchange.

These electronic cash mercantilism platforms have 2 main forms, they are; decentralised & Centralized Exchanges

Centralized Exchanges

On centralized exchanges, there’s sometimes a regulative body that manages the affairs of the complete scheme. they’re typically simple to use and users have quick access to advanced mercantilism options.

Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized exchange platforms while not central call manufacturers. this sort of exchange represents actuality purpose of blockchain technology, “decentralization”. Participants square measure totally secure their cash and high level of information security could be a major profit.

Features of the Platform

Leverage and social mercantilism system: we are going to have a commodities market to figure short and long run within the USD / BTC try of up to 50x and in some Altcoins up to 10x. Additionally, to the present, we are going to have a singular pairing system: if a replacement user decides to link their profile to somebody a lot of prosperous they’ll be able to copy their same operations delicately, therefore getting identical results.

Easy and friendly structure

Multiple Levels of security

Swift and inexpensive residue and withdrawals

Currency wash management

Back up in chilly pockets

Free entry to swap history and information

90% fee to holders: ninetieth of the fees {that can|which will|that may} be charged within the exchange will head to the holders of the Itex token.

50% Minning Trading: 500M of tokens to distribute within the 1st 2 years. Each time amount AN equal variety of Itex tokens are going to be distributed to all or any operators supported their volume of transactions generated in this period.

Burning of tokens: The tokens employed in the legal system are going to be burned.

Free Listing: Itex exchange can list the currencies or tokens supported 3 conditions: a powerful community on Twitter, wire and currency pick.

Unique Team

The ITEX team includes of A-one professionals in their domains. they need formidable goals which can modify them to line new standards for the Market. to realize this goal a powerful Team is made with all the required skills, abilities and long-time expertise required for the project. Most of the team members on ITEX have verified LinkedIn profiles. this can be all smart as a result of the lot of transparency an organization have in respect to their team, a lot of trustworthy they usually are.

Finally, Itex was born with a transparent plan, that is achieving true decentralization with an optimum and higher management of the present manipulation on the market; for this reason we tend to square measure getting to be a HYBRID Exchange, giving a number of the advantages and technological advantages of the decentralised exchanges to get high liquidity, security, client protection and honest quality support.

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