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The iTEX project is actually a stage which has been developed with a transparent indisputable fact with got the primary purpose of accomplishing accurate decentralization with best controller and far better exploitation on the sector, and for that reason we will become HYBRID trade, and offering a few technological added benefits and gains from the exchange decentralization to create top liquidity, security, customer security along with fantastic quality service.

Itex can be a hybrid exchange that delivers the best qualities of a private exchange besides those of a real world, looking for a free and fair trading with a optimal and much superior exploitation control. This endeavor includes quite a few apps for distribution among of its own users out of the ecosystem plus it’ll be determined by the variety of trades carried out and in addition will be distributed every 2 weeks in the computer system.

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We will possess a futures market to work long and short term from the USD / BTC set up to 50x and at some Altcoins upto 10x. In addition to the, we are going to have unique matching strategy: when your brand new client makes the decision to link their own profile to some one more successful they’ll have the ability to copy their operations without any problems, thus obtaining identical results.

Itex qualities:

Uncomplicated and Pleasant Arrangement

Numerous Levels of Security Speedy, Very Low cost Withdrawals and Deposits

Money-laundering control

Free access to exchange history and statistics

Being a real hybrid , they are going to implement certain technologies that’ll permit us to offer instant buy and market performance by averting any glitches that may influence the user as often occurs inside the real currency exchange. They will have accessibility of each sequence that traders may need.Such as: sell and buy orders, conditional orders or discontinue. They will also have the option to revise all of your previous trades at the feature known as”order history”.ITEX EXCHANGE also comes with a security program to guard the registry information.The user should have the ability to pick security works for their logins like 2FA, device consent, electronic mail verification, re-captcha and biometric entry (fingerprint).

Token Sale

The tokens employed on iTEX trade internet site is going to be called ITEX, and retaining those exemptions gives customers an opportunity to arrive at the curative advice accumulated.

Private Sale = 20000000 Itex Price for Token $0.02 USD

Public Sale =180000000 Itex Price for Token $0.05 USD

Itex Token = Ethereum ERC20

Token Price = 1 Itex Token 0.02USD

Tokens to sell = 20.000.000 Itex

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