iTEX is an electronic money trading platform for digital currency transactions

The benefits of blockchain and the efficiency of the related cryptocurrency industry have become so popular that it is no longer possible for us to ignore it.If there is one from another country who wants to ban this technology, it is only because they have something to hide and something to give up. Moreover, the main mission of cryptocurrency is fast, transparent and secure payments that will combat bureaucratic corruption and money laundering. Which for many countries is unacceptable because many high officials will lose large “gray” income. It’s no secret for anyone that our lives are more expensive day by day and how much it costs $50 yesterday, today you will not buy and 100. And every possibility of financial transactions is accompanied by very large commissions.

About Itex Exchange

ITEX is a hybrid exchange that has presented many of the best features of private exchanges in addition to being decentralized, seeking free and fair trade with more optimal and better manipulation controls.

ITEX has been born using a very clear idea, namely to achieve true decentralization with optimal control and better than the manipulation that is on the market today; for this reason, we will become HYBRID Exchange, which will offer several benefits and technological advantages from the decentralized market to be able to produce very high liquidity, security, customer protection, and excellent quality support.

The ITEX team intends to create and develop a trading platform that is comfortable, safe, transparent, hassle free. Through the use of blockchain technology in the Hybrid ITEX trading platform, the problems of transparency and manipulation that occur on most crypto currency exchange platforms will be neutralized.

Because the ITEX team has ensured us, there will be a development of a trading platform that is good for users and all investors through the implementation of a good trading order system, good API interactions, and good bandwidth at the highest level. The ITEX hybrid platform is designed to do millions of trading activities per second which will make it the best crypto currency exchange platform through the application of sophisticated trading tools.

Features of iTex

  • Simple and friendly structure
  • Layered protection
  • Fast and low-cost deposits and withdrawals
  • Money laundering control
  • Back in the cold wallet
  • Free access to exchange history and statistics

Some other features of the ITEX hybrid platform are
multilayered protection which means the security of the ITEX platform has been tightened very well. Hacking and attacks on currency exchange platforms and crypto trading have become a problem today facing the crypto reading platform. Centralized has limited the platform to adopt the use of blockchain technology which will assist in tightening exchange security. This is the reason why ITEX has introduced the HYBRID platform which means an advanced trading platform that is 100% guaranteed in terms of security.

Another feature is the good user interface adopted by the ITEX team. ITEX has configured and programed the platform with a good user interface where new and existing traders will be able to trade on the platform without complaint. New traders always find it difficult to trade successfully in exchange with a bad user interface just because they always find it difficult to navigate exchanges with a bad user interface

Adopting a cold wallet by the ITEX team is a great way to curb and secure merchant funds on the exchange. As I said before, cases of stolen funds and assets have been reported in the exchange of crypto currencies. ITEX has adopted an external cold wallet that will be used to secure users’ funds.

ITEX will also adopt features of social and trade systems for the short and long term where custores will be able to replicate the exact activities of a specification. traders on exchanges where results and results will be the same for both users.

Tokenomics from ITEX

ITEX that uses token-based ecosystems based on ethereum networks. ITEX will be a driving force in the ecosystem and will play an important role for its users

Token information

The token will have a supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens
Itex Token: Ethereum ERC20
Token Price: 1 Itex Token = 0.02USD
Tokens to sell: 20.000.000 Itex

Token Distributions



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