ITEX – The Innovating Trading Hybrid Exchange

Electronic money trading platforms have proven to be the driving force of blurring these ongoing projects. They facilitate the exchange and exchange of encrypted currencies without our chips being invalid. That means there is a reserve of money and no goods or services to exchange.

These electronic money trading platforms have two main forms, they are; Decentralized & Centralized Exchanges

  • Centralized Exchanges

On centralized exchanges, there is usually a regulatory body that manages the affairs of the entire ecosystem. They are often easy to use and users have easy access to advanced trading features.

  • Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized exchange platforms without central decision makers. This type of exchange represents the true purpose of blockchain technology, “decentralization”. Participants are fully secure their money and high level of data security is a major benefit.

ITEX is a hybrid exchange that brings the best features of a private exchange besides those of a decentralized one, looking for a free and fair trading with a optimum and better manipulation. ITEX is going to be an HYBRID Exchange , offering some of the benefits and technological advantages of the decentralized exchanges to generate high liquidity, security, customer protection and a good quality support. ITEX is attaining accurate decentralization using the best and better hands of the present manipulation in the market; therefore ITEX is planning to function as quite a HYBRID trade, giving some of the benefits and technological benefits of the decentralized trades to build higher liquidity, security, customer protection, and a fantastic high-quality support.

The project features a number of programs for distribution one of its users from the ecosystem and it’ll be determined by the number of transactions carried out and also will probably also be distributed every two weeks in the system. During the first couple of years, almost five hundred thousand tokens will be distributed. Though it will encourage voting activities through the use of tokens, the tokens used in this situation will probably likely be burned which can definitely make the remaining values actual. It will not be problematic for other rising coins to become enrolled in trade so long as they’ve got an equilibrium of good social media and links with their own users on most social media marketing platforms. For safety reasons, there will be more conduction of this Know Your Client procedure to spot individual users and avert impersonation.

Features of the Platform

  • Leverage and social trading system: We will have a futures market to work short and long term in the USD / BTC pair of up to 50x and in some Altcoins up to ten times. In addition to this, we will have a unique pairing system: if a new user decides to link their profile to someone more successful they will be able to copy their same operations without problems, thus obtaining identical results.
  • Easy and friendly structure
  • Multiple Levels of security
  • Swift and low-cost residue and withdrawals
  • Currency laundering control
  • Back up in chilly pockets
  • Free entry to swap history and data
  • 90% fee to holders: 90% of the fees that will be charged in the exchange will go to the holders of the itex token.
  • 50% Minning Trading: 500M of tokens to distribute in the first two years. Every fortnight an equal number of Itex tokens will be distributed to all operators based on their volume of transactions generated in that period.
  • Burning of tokens: The tokens used in the voting system will be burned.
  • Free Listing: Itex exchange will list the currencies or tokens based on three conditions: a strong community on Twitter, Telegram and currency voting.

Token and ICO Details

  • TOKEN symbol: ITEX
  • Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 ITEX
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Token Price: $0.02
  • Token Available for Private Sale: 20,000,000 ITEX
  • Token Availabe for Public Sale: 180,000,000 ITEX

Token Distribution

Road Map


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