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iTrue combines biometric identification and blockade for the development of DApps and increases the confidentiality of any transaction performed by users. 
iTrue Limited has just shown that it is developing a great platform for an innovative approach in how enterprises create decentralized applications. In addition, developers are confident that they will improve the confidentiality of data in line with the strict European GDP. The iTrue solution will be deployed as a lock service with a built-in biometric authentication system. The decentralized platform will support user authentication for developers and enterprises, the creation of new chains, and the ability to reward users for honest data sharing.

Jack Cheng, general manager of iTrue, says that the demand for highly reliable and efficient authentication systems is high due to the growing number of new companies offering advanced online services, such as digital financial products. The core team of developers in iTrue has developed a comprehensive solution that addresses the gaps in how these companies use their client data. By combining biometric, block and advanced database technologies, iTrue can improve user authentication and privacy. In addition, developers can create a wide range of decentralized applications right inside this ecosystem.

Platform for Creating Privacy Applications 
The iTrue Technical Director, Anton Goroshankin, says that they finally found a way to solve the problems of modern blockchain products with the strategy of merging the database and the block-chain. As a result, iTrue is a robust and scalable infrastructure where user data is protected from misuse or theft of data. Other significant benefits that this ecosystem offers include:


  • Full control of private personal information
  • Alert where your data is currently being used
  • Full compliance with privacy policies
  • Enterprises can integrate privacy control tools in their decentralized applications

I – The iTrue eco-system 
The iTrue is based on its general tokenized economy, which allows businesses, developers, users and customers to benefit from their data sharing efforts in a decentralized marketplace of applications. With this platform, users can share data with other users, businesses and data providers who need it. Each participant receives ITU tokens as a reward, and in the coming days the sale of private sale ICO begins.

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As part of empowering each user to gain control over their private data, iTrue will tell users how their data will be used and how they can earn on it. In addition, the platform will meet the privacy rules by informing users of each data request so that they can give their approval. The iTrue system will support developers in building solutions based on critical privacy, security and user-friendliness. Thanks to the innovative identification capabilities, users will be able to forget about security problems for any crypto transaction transactions forever. Developers have created a decentralized solution that eliminates the introduction of any fraudulent schemes, allows you to execute transactions promptly, qualitatively and securely. Now it remains to test the system to deal with existing shortcomings, refine the project and offer customers a really high-quality product. To do this, today everything is done – developers are attracting investors for the further development of their promising project.

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The iTrue platform has already agreed that its biometric authentication service integrated into the extensive commercial network of Trade Center Europa will be a genuine test of this technology. It is planned that iTrue will provide Europe with better security by increasing the privacy of users when they carry out operations in one of the largest entertainment and shopping centers in Russia.

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